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Body Wash Benefits You Should Know: Why Is It Better Than Soap

Here are 6 reasons you should switch to using a body wash or shower gel. 
Published -16 Jul 2021, 12:30 ISTUpdated -16 Jul 2021, 12:30 IST
body wash shower gel benefits over soap bar

What do you prefer using - a soap or a body wash or shower gel? There is no end to this age-old debate. We have both soap and body wash fans, who wins? 

Every time we step out of the shower, we want our skin to be squeaky clean and feel fresh. Now the biggest question arrives, which among the bar soap and body wash would work best for you? Surely, both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. Here, we will be talking about the benefits of using a shower gel or body wash over regular bar soap. Read on. 

1. It Is A Treat For Lather Lovers

Honestly, I have met people who say they don't feel they took a shower till they enjoy a generous lather experience in the shower. As compared to regular soap, body washes or shower gels promise you a great lather shower experience. Your skin feels a lot more relaxed when you use that lather-rich loofah to wash your body. 

2. Using A Body Wash Hydrates Your Body

shower gel benefits

Many people complain that using bar soap leaves their body feeling dry and rough. That's not the case with body washes. Most of them come with hydrating and moisturising properties which make your skin feel soft and smooth for a long time. Also, most shower gels can also be used on your face which means you don't have to separately invest in a foaming face wash. 

3. Shower Gels Help Exfoliate Your Skin

How often do you exfoliate your body? It is rare. Using a loofah can help you exfoliate your skin and get rid of the dead skin layers. When you top the loofah with a shower gel and use it to wash your body, you gently remove any dead layers, dust, or impurities that got accumulated on your body. 

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4. Body Washes Are Travel Friendly

body wash benefits

When you are on the go, you don't want to keep wrapping up your bar soap in a tissue paper every single time after use. Shower gels are so easy to carry. Just open and use. They come in a variety, handy bottles that can be used specifically for travel purposes. 

5. A Little Goes A Long Way

You don't need to squeeze out the entire bottle while bathing. A small quantity of the product will go a long way. Even if you squeeze a little bit of the product, it will give you rich lather. So, you also end up saving a lot of money. 

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6. Body Washes Are More Hygienic

Do you have just one bar soap in your shower area? If that's the case then it's high time you switch to a body wash or shower gel. Using a shared bar soap means you are putting your skin at risk. It can make bacteria accumulate on your skin. Using a body wash is much safer. 


Did we convince you to opt for a body wash this time? Well, let's be honest. Both body bars and washes work well but you can choose one according to what suits your body best. 


Tell us if you would choose a body wash over a bar soap on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned! 

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