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HZ Tried & Tested: Vivel Glycerin And Honey Body Wash Detailed Review

I have been using this body wash for a while now. Is it worth buying? Read my detailed review. 
Published -09 Feb 2022, 14:00 ISTUpdated -09 Feb 2022, 14:06 IST
vivel body wash review glycerine honey

I have always opted for a body wash instead of a regular soap for a simple reason. They are way more moisturising than a bar soap. Yes, bar soaps are now available in a variety in the market including a lot of organic ones but they never really impressed me. 

On the other hand, using a body wash is a luxurious experience. You get a beautiful lather without actually stripping off the natural oils of your skin. It is a much more relaxing experience as compared to bathing with a soap. Also, bar soaps are always placed in the shower area and are never dry so there is a high risk of bacterial growth. On the other hand, body wash comes in a bottle so there is no risk of contamination. 

Well, there are many more benefits of using a body wash. I have a couple of them in my shower and keep adding new variants to make my bathing experience more fun and relaxing. 

This time, I was looking for something mild yet moisturising for my skin and I got my hands on Vivel's honey and glycerin body wash. 


vivel body wash

Nourish your skin with the care of Vivel Glycerin & Honey Body wash – it moisturizes your skin to make it soft and smooth. Indulge yourself with its great fragrance and get glowing skin with every bath. This shower gel gently cleans your skin and the creamy lather leaves you feeling moisturized and refreshed. This body wash is suitable for women and men– a bathing experience different from soap. 

  • Feel moisturised and glowing skin with glycerin & honey.
  • Use to get soft, moisturised, and glowing skin.
  • Irresistibly pleasing fragrance.
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed.


body wash texture

The fragrance is soothing, relaxing which stays on for a really long time. The texture is quite thick, more like a gel. A little quantity goes a long way.


This body wash comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump for easy use. 


INR 240 For 500 ml

My Experience 

I have been using this body wash for a while now and can say that my experience has been great! As aforementioned, I like investing in different variants and this one has become one of my favourites for multiple reasons. Vivel's honey and glycerin body wash is super moisturising, just what we need during this winter season (winter skincare). It leaves my skin soft and smooth. Who doesn't want that? Also, we want our body washes to have a long lasting effect. We want our skin to stay moisturised all day long, hours after bath and this body wash did that for me. Love that the fragrance lasts for long and skin remains smooth through the day. 

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vivel body wash glycerin honey

I like the thick, gel-like consistency of the body wash. It gives me rich, luxurious lather which instantly enhances my everyday bathing experience. Also, you just need a little quantity to get all that lather so this one is staying here in my shower closet for a long time for sure. 

Overall, I think this one is a must-try if you are hunting for a body wash that is affordable, moisturising, and gentle on your skin. I have sensitive skin and this one worked well for me. However, still, I would recommend you do a patch test on your hand before directly using this body wash to prevent any skin allergies. 

How To Use?

You just need a loofah and a little quantity of this body wash for a relaxing bath. Take a coin-sized drop of the body wash on your wet loofah. Massage the loofah with both your hands to get that rich, creamy lather. Gently scrub all over your body. Rinse. 

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  • Affordable 
  • Long lasting
  • Soothing fragrance 
  • Moisturising
  • Vanishes dryness 
  • Softens skin
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • None for me


If you are making a new shift to body washes and wish to try and test first then this is just the perfect option for you. It is affordable, gentle, and moisturising, just how you would want your body wash to be. If you are already a body wash fan and looking for a soothing body wash, this can be your pick. The best part is that it works well for all skin types including sensitive skin which is great. Overall, this body wash gets a thumbs up from me. Must-try!



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