As we are set to welcome the New Year with all zeal, enthusiasm and hope, it’s high time we upgraded our beauty rituals too with products are more conducive to our personal care needs and do not cause any harmful aftereffect. While there was little awareness about the harmful toxins and chemicals in such products till a few years ago, the argument does not hold merit in the new normal. The market now offers a number of skin, hair and body care products that are void of the harmful ingredients, and consist only of Ayurvedic herbs, plant extracts and other natural oils or minerals that nurture one from within instead of merely providing outer glow. Here we have compiled a list of a few natural brands that are expected to be the frontrunners in the segment in the year ahead.

Mother Sparsh

mother sparsh

Ayurvedic personal care brand with focus on baby and mother care, Mother Spars,h recently grabbed the headlines by raising Series A funding from FMCG giant ITC. The brand has introduced in the Indian market several innovative products, including country’s first 99% Pure Water biodegradable baby wipes, Hair Lep comprising Ayurvedic herbs in ingredients like Dashamoola, Triphala, curry leaves etc and turmeric healing kit to treat skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Just a few weeks ago they forayed into the kids segment with a Brahmi-powered complete hair care kit. The brand has been known for offering a restorative balance of nature and innovation by transforming nature’s best resources to provide conscious solutions.

Surya Brasil

surya brasil personal care brands

Surya Brasil, the 25-year-old Brazilian vegan personal care brand entered the Indian market earlier this year with its hair colour range. In the first leg of its launch, the brand introduced its natural ready-to-use vegan henna crème range, which is semi permanent and hence has no trace of Ammonia or its byproduct. The brand swears by cruelty free products and has already been catering to more than 40 countries across the world, including Brazil, US, Europe, Japan (most loved Japanese brands in India) and other major markets. The brand also participated in this year’s India International Trade Fair where it showcased its Ecosilver line for people who do not like to colour their hair. Surya Brasil is expected to soon launch its other flagship products in the Indian market, which are culmination of Ayurveda and natural resources of Brazil with the help of technology.


fabindia personal care brands

Fabindia, a brand known for wide range of naturally made traditional products, has now entered the personal care segment and is definitely on the watchlist for the next year. The personal care range, called Fabessentials, includes face washes, milk cleansers, face wash with Neem Tulsi, tea-tree cleansing milk, aloe vera and cucumber mint face mask, coffee lavender face scrub, turmeric saffron and marigold glow face pack, vitamin E calendula sunscreen, vitamin E calendula night cream, lip butters etc. Fabindia is essentially a chain retailing furnishing, garments and other ethnic products, and it would be interesting to see how its personal care range strikes a chord with the consumers in market.

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Kama Ayurveda

kama personal care brands

Kama Ayurveda is an Indian brand dealing with some exquisite beauty and hair care products. As the name suggests, the brand deals with only certified Ayurvedic organic products. Their hair treatment products are simply awesome and are free of Parabens, Sulphates, or Petrochemicals. Also, their products do not strip off those essential oils from your scalp. Thus, their products are known to strengthen and improve the elasticity and texture of your hair.

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mamaearth personal care brands

Mamaearth is amongst the top best brand offering organic personal care products in the Indian market. Living their tag line of 'Goodness of Nature For Your Hair,' Mamaearth's organic hair products are simply mesmerizing. These organic products can effectively assist in cutting down the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals on your hair. Also, their hair treatment products can not only nourish your hair but also leave behind a lingering fragrance that will stay for long. In addition to it, the brand offers a wide range of skincare products.

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