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This Is The Basic Cost Of Bridal Wedding Makeup

Bridal makeup package usually includes makeup, hairstyling, draping, and jewellery setting. 
bridal wedding makeup cost package

Are you a bride-to-be hunting for makeup artists? Well, that's the first thing brides today are most worried about after finalising their wedding dates. The wedding lehenga too can wait but what if you don't get the makeup and hairstyle you always imagined for your special day. 

No wonder why it is all the more important to block dates with a makeup artist even before choosing the wedding venue. It is the makeup and hair which makes the bridal look and one can't really go wrong with it. 

One question every bride has in mind is about the cost of the bridal makeup and hair. Honestly, if you are looking for a makeup artist you must have noticed that the options are just too many and it can be a challenging task to select the right one. 

It is crucial to get a makeup artist who understands your needs, your skin type, overall look and further helps create a look which is flawless. For this, you might need someone who holds a good amount of experience and has the skills to bring your imagination into reality. When you get all of this, you will have to pay for it too. 

How Much Does Bridal Makeup Cost?

Today, you will find plenty of makeup artists online and offline, each offering you a different package and the real task is choosing the one perfect for you. However, for an estimate, average bridal makeup package starts at INR 15000. It can go upto in lakhs depending on the makeup artist, their skills and experience. 

Most commonly, makeup artists charge between INR 20000 to 50000 for a complete bridal package which includes both hair and makeup. 

bridal makeup cost in delhi india makeup artists

The price is quite high as compared to what you might pay for your pre-wedding festivities like haldi, sangeet, cocktail ceremony where the package is usually not more than INR 10000 - 20000. However, bridal makeup is altogether very different. Not just the artist uses only high end products, the entire process is quite time consuming and might take up to 4-6 hours. 

What All Does Bridal Makeup Package Include?

Your bridal makeup package will not only include your makeup but a lot of other things. Most commonly, bridal makeup packages include the following - 

  • Lehenga draping 
  • Hairstyle (Including hair extensions and hair accessories)
  • Nail paint
  • Lash extensions
  • Jewellery setting
jwellery setting bridal makeup

However, the offer packages may vary from one artist to the other. For instance, some makeup artists don't offer hairstyling in the package and you might need to hire a different team for your hairdo altogether. It is up to the bride if she wants to book an artist who offers a complete package or get separate professionals to do her makeup and hair.

Does The Package Include Travel And Accommodation Charges?

If you are hiring a makeup artist from the same city, you don't have to pay for their travel and accommodation. However, if you are having a destination wedding or travelling to another city and want the artist to travel with you too then you will have to pay for their entire travel and accommodation. A lot of makeup artists also charge an extra amount if they are called to a different location to doll you up. 

If that's the case, you will have to inform your artist prior to the wedding day and discuss with them how they plan to reach the venue.  

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Types Of Bridal Makeup

The cost of your bridal makeup package will also depend on the kind of makeup you choose for your D-day. Commonly, makeup artists will offer you an airbrush and HD makeup. Both HD and airbrush makeup offer a flawless skin base, however, they have some basic differences which will help you choose which one is best for you. 

HD Bridal Makeup

HD makeup gives a very natural look to your face while concealing all the problem areas on your face like pigmentation, dark circles, uneven skin tone, and dullness. This makeup makes your face look less layered. It is most commonly done for celebrity photo shoots and brides. 

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Airbrush Bridal Makeup

bridal makeup airbrush

Airbrush makeup is for women who have enlarged pores especially because the airbrush gun helps close them all with the foundation, making your face look smooth and perfect. It is believed to last all day long and requires no touch-ups at all. 

Tips To Choose Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

  • Make sure you meet the makeup artist in person before booking them. Let them understand your skin and share their input on the kind of makeup ideas they have to suggest. 
  • Be very clear about what you want to the makeup artist because eventually, they will help you bring your imagination into reality. 
  • Let the makeup artist know about your skin issues. They might suggest makeup styles that would suit you better for your wedding day. 
  • Ask them all about their makeup package and offers without any hesitation. 
  • Book your makeup artist well in advance and share your makeup and hairstyle references with them too so that they can plan everything accordingly. 

We hope this guide helps you find the best makeup artist for your big day. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned!



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