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Bridal Tips: Hair Mistakes That You Should Avoid On The D-Day

Here are common hair mistakes that brides often make on their big day and how you can avoid making them.
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Even during the times of corona, brides want to go all out on their special day with their outfit and hair. It is actually fair because most girls have been waiting for this day since they are young.

It is important to look your best on your wedding day which includes your hair, makeup and outfit. There are some things bound to go wrong but some of the other things are in our hands. So, here are some common mistakes that brides often make on their big day and how these can be avoided.

Washing Your Hair On The Same Day

wash hairstyle mistakes

If you are someone with wavy, curly or frizzy hair, then washing your hair on the same day is a big mistake. Instead, it is a smart idea to wash your hair at least a day before and let the natural oils soak in.

Getting Deep Conditioned Before The Wedding

We all surely love soft, defined and bouncy hair. However, there’s also a risk of your hair looking flat, greasy and super oily as there will be harsh lighting.

So, skip deep conditioning in the days leading up to your wedding and just go for gentle leave in serum or conditioner for that extra shine without any grease.

Trying Your Hair Extensions For The First Time On Your Wedding Day

extension hairstyle mistakes

It is common for brides to use hair extensions during your wedding. However, it is not okay to use those extensions on your wedding day for the first time and not test them beforehand.

Test them first in order to make sure that it is the right length and blend easily with your hair. It is a smart option to get a trial done before the event.

Trying A Funky New Style

It is totally okay to try and experiment every now and then. However, experimenting with your hair just before your wedding day is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. It’s not a good idea to get bangs or any other new hair cut or get your hair coloured just before the wedding. We suggest you experiment only after your honeymoon ends.

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Not Taking Weather Into Consideration

It is an unfortunate reality of our country that we have extremely unpredictable weather. However, this reality is often ignored. So, dress your best but prepare for the worst. Apart from your appearance, you need to take comfort into consideration as well.

Picking An Odd Hair Accessory

accesory hairstyle mistakes

You should always trust your hairstylist. We know that you know your hair better than anyone else but your hairstylist knows much more in general. You should definitely trust your instincts but also be open to criticism.

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Over-Spraying Your Hair

spray hairstyle mistakes

We understand your hairstyles are often super elaborate and require a lot of care. Therefore, it is necessary to put on hair spray. However, you shouldn’t overuse it as it might damage your hair. 

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