The pandemic has is making us experience too much stress and fatigue and along with the work stress we have to manage our homes and personal lives as well. The anxiety is palpable and so is the anxiety-provoking information, the adverse impact of which is being felt on our minds, health, and skin. So how does one escape from the harshness of reality and blocks oneself out from the stress-laden conundrum, that too inside the comfort and safety of our living spaces? 

Besides some extracurricular activities like games and painting or workouts, a really good way to destress is taking an indulgent and relaxing bath which calms and soothes your nerves and senses. Here are some reasons listed by ITC Fiama, why and how a good bath helps. 

Instant Mood Boost


Few dimmed lights, a nicely scented candle and playing a soothing shower playlist is a good start. One can drown the noises in the head and outside by simply letting the joy of a relaxing podcast in. Taking a shower first thing in the morning as a routine can positively influence your mood for the rest of the day.

Feeling clean and keeping up with personal hygiene gives you a happy and energised feeling that eventually increases self-confidence leading to a happier you. So, the next time, you feel gloomy and tired, just head for a quick shower.


Bathing can restore balance to mind, body and spirit. Indulging in a bathing ritual once or twice a day helps to wash away the stress, anxiety and tiredness, leaving one looking and feeling great. It is advisable to use soaps or shower gels that are enriched with nature’s goodness as they moisturise and nourish the skin, making it feel soft and happy. It is also a rather cost-effective and easy way to alleviate your mood and stay happy. 

Replenishes the moisture levels of the skin: Lounging in a decadent bath and dousing your skin in oils and lotions sets the mood for facing the hard day or sleeping well at night. Start the day relaxed, hydrated and well moisturised by creating a lush and cozy bath routine. Boost your day or night routine with major relaxation vibes which require little effort.  

Sleep Improvement

A night shower can help you drift off if you time it just right. Bathing is a great way to promote relaxation and this is what the body needs after a stressful day. Taking a night shower before bedtime helps to relax the body muscles by giving a more restful sleeping experience.

It is important to time your shower before going to bed which should be ideally 30 minutes before lying down. This way by the time you hit the bed, your body will be cool, dry and ready for sleep.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by stress, go ahead and indulge in a relaxed bathing experience and see your mood and spirit soar with joy and happiness.

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How To Have A Relaxing Bath

relax bath towel

  • Gather all the ingredients which include a good fragrant shower gel, essential bath oils, bath salts if you are using a tub, a good bathrobe or bath towels, candles, some soothing music and some me-time when no one will disturb you. If you have many family members, establish an hour at least which must be yours only. 

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  • Switch off your phone or put it on silent in another room.
  • Make sure your bathroom is clean.
  • Keep cleaning tools like foot scrubber handy.
  • Begin with the dry brush routine.

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