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    Tips To Deep Cleanse Your Body, Stay Healthy

    Deep cleanse and detox your skin, body and mind with these 10 tips. 
    Published - 19 May 2021, 15:56 ISTUpdated - 19 May 2021, 16:28 IST
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    Who doesn't want to live clean and feel light especially amid this madness when for many the ray of hope has become dim. Detoxing ourselves and turning ourselves into positive beings is somewhere a goal for many whether they admit it out loud or not. But how does one do it right from getting clean sin, to a sound mind and a balanced body? These 10 rules or tips are what you need.


    1Organic Eating

    organic deep cleanse

    Like our ancestors, the need to eat pesticide-free food is important. It is crucial that our body does not ingest chemical-laden, injected food. So try switching to organic food, rope in a farmer for daily supplies, etc.

    2Green Tea/ Herbal Tea

    green tea deep cleanse

    I cannot stress enough and even wellness experts would say the same that green tea and herbal teas are amazing for your body. They have antioxidants, cut out many calories when you switch to them, and help in de-stressing as well.

    3Meditation & Steam Bath

    meditation deep cleanse

    Relax your mind, your body and soul by meditating daily. Every week try for a steam bath and rejuvenate. It cleanses your nasal passage as well and gets rid of all toxins from your body. 


    exfoliate deep cleanse

    Besides scrubbing with some sugar and coconut oil, it is important that you do dry brushing as well. It helps in improving blood circulation of your body and gets rid of the dead skin cells as well. You must do so with a dry and natural fiber brush.

    5Water Intake

    water intake deep cleanse

    Drinking water is a must as it keeps the body functioning properly, gets rid of toxins, keeps your akin glowing and digestion is in place. 


    workout deep cleanse

    Don't stay in one place the entire day. You must move every now and then, Go for a walk, do some lunges and workouts, it helps not just in keeping your weight in check but also keeps the blood circulation in order, relieves stress and keeps you active. 


    sleeping deep cleanse

    These days those who sit on the laptop, phone, or any screen, know very well what sleep deprivation is. It makes us become a negative person as well as irritated all the time if our body does not get to rest enough. Our body re-energises for the next day.

    8Sugar Intake

    sugar deep cleanse

    Sugar is very fattening and unhealthy. If you consume a lot of sugar then you must know that this produces more insulin and strains your pancreas. Try to quit it completely if you can.

    9Oil Cleansing

    oil cleanse deep cleanse

    Switch to cleansing oils dear readers! It is way better than soap usage. When you use oil-based cleansers, they trap dirt and dead skin cells, so when you rinse off, your skin's much needed hydration, the oil barrier stays in place. 


    smoothie deep cleanse

    If you do not like raw veggies and fruits in full form, blend them in a jar and make smoothies. Have them once a day and you will feel detoxed, hydrated and good about yourself.