There are multiple hair and skin oils available in the market, however, not all of them work for us. If yoi have been hunting for a natural oil that can treat your different skin and hair problems then you have landed on the right page. Here we are talking about the goodness of black jeera oil. Have you ever heard of it before? Black jeera oil or black seeds oil is extracted from nigella or black cumin seeds. This oil is being used for ages now for its amazing therapeutic properties. 

According to a lot of studies, this oil is great for skin and hair. This is because this oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which fight most common hair and skin conditions. 

Though this oil is easily available in the market these days, you can also prepare it at home using a few ingredients available at home. 

How To Make Black Jeera Oil?

black jeera oil

Ingredients Required

  • 1 Tbsp - Black Jeera Or Cumin
  • 1 Tbsp - Fenugreek Seeds
  • 200 Ml - Coconut Oil
  • 50 Ml - Castor Oil


  • In a blender, add black jeera and fenugreek seeds. (fenugreek seeds benefits) Grind to make a powder. 
  • Add this powder to a glass container. 
  • Pour coconut oil and castor oil over it and mix well using a spoon.
  • Close the container and keep it in sunlight for 2-3 weeks. 
  • Later, filter the oil and use it once or twice a week.

Black Jeera Oil For Skin

Fights Acne

Black jeera oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which fight the bacteria causing acne. Applying black jeera oil on the affected area prevents the secretion of excess oil from the pores which furhter prevents acne. 

Makes Skin Youthful

black cumin oil

Black cumin seeds have essential vitamins and minerals which are great for the skin. This oil prevents the appearance of ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles (home remedies to remove neck wrinkles). Using this oil helps in retaining moisture, maintains the elasticity of the skin. 

Reduces The Appearance Of Dark Spots

Using black cumin seed oil can help you fade dark spots caused by ageing or sun damage as it has vitamin A, fatty acids, and amino acids. Using it regularly can help you get rid of the discolouration.

Though black seed oil is completely natural and should have no side effects, it is best to test it on your hand before applying it directly to your face to prevent any allergic reaction. 

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Before using this oil on your skin, make sure your face is properly clean. Take a few drops and massage all over. 

Black Jeera Oil For Hair

Moisturises Hair

If you have dry hair then black jeera oil can be the best pick for you. It helps in hair growth. It strengthens the hair follicles and gives you strong hair, further preventing hair fall or hair thinning. 

Rub it directly on your scalp and through your hair. Keep for about an hour and then wash.

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Prevents Hair Loss

black jeera cumin oil hair

If you have been suffering from hair loss then you must try black jeera oil in combination with olive oil. Mix well and apply to the affected area. Using it regularly will help prevent hair loss. 

Improves Hair Growth

Using black jeera oil with coconut oil can help you increase hair growth. Combine both the ingredients and apply all over your hair. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash. This can be done once or twice a week. 

Cures Hair Fall

Hair fall is another common hair issue but using black seeds oil the right way can help you treat it. First, apply lemon juice to your hair and keep it for 15 minutes. Wash it with shampoo and then follow with cumin seeds oil. 


Black jeera or cumin seeds oil is great for both your skin and hair. You should make it a part of your beauty routine for its amazing benefits. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned!