There are a lot many options in term of beauty products out there which are said to help out various skin or hair and joint problems but it can get very confusing. If you believe in Ayurveda then there are some oils that have had good reviews and are affordable as well given their effectiveness. So here is a list of the 5 best Ayurvedic oils which specialise in different arenas from hair growth to skin brightening to back pain. 

Inveda's Kumkumadi Tailam Face Oil

inveda oil

This wonder potion costs Rs 1200, for a 10 ml bottle and a little goes a long way for your face. The brand claims that this Kumkumadi Tailam face oil prevents 9 major skin problems. It is a fusion of 25 exquisite herbs & oils and also contains pure saffron which the brand claims to have sourced directly from Kashmir to heal all 7 skin layers. It works on dull skin, sun tan, wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles, acne and more. This is a 100% organic oil and contains no paraben, no alcohol and is vegan. 

Kama Ayurveda's Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

kama oil

Buy a 100 ml bottle for Rs 675 for all-in-one hair treatment as claimed by the brand. It is good for treating dandruff, hair loss and premature graying. The brand claims that this oil is a traditional Ayurvedic recipe which consists of potent herbs extracted into pure Sesame oil and milk. It is a natural conditioner for lush hair growth and also cools your scalp. It also includes indigo, eclipta alba and gooseberry to promote hair growth. The presence of anti-fungal licorice and antibacterial balloon vine prevents scalp infections. Speaking of fragrance, it has an earthy scent that has a calming, meditative effect. It is 100% natural. This oil is great for hair loss relief, scalp infections, hair growth and more. 

Khadi Natural Sweet Almond Oil

khadi sweet

Buy a 100 ml bottle for Rs 360. This oil is 100% pure almond oil made using carefully pressed sweet almonds which are rich in glucosides, minerals, vitamins & protein. It has anti-inflammatory, soothing, and laxative properties. This oil nourishes and soothes scalp and skin.

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Forest Essential's Mother's Back Pain Oil Kshadathylam

forest back pain oil

Buy 200 ml bottle for Rs 1125. This lovely bottle, as the brand claims, uses an age-old recipe, including the leaves of betel nut and Drumstick plant. These ingredients targets pain in the lower back and legs that comes with motherhood. This deeply absorbent oil is certified by MadeSafe which makes it completely safe to use during pregnancy.

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Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil


Buy a 100 ml bottle for Rs 350. The ingredients list of this oil includes the goodness of turmeric oil, licorice extract, orange oil, chamomile oil, saffron oil, winter cherry extract, curcumin oil, vitamin E,  laksha oil, cedrus deodara oil, katuki oil, rasna extract, shatawa oil, coconut oil, lime oil, alium cepa extract, and piper betel extract. This oil helps in lightening dark spots and pigmentation, It is suitable for all skin types for face and body.

So get yourself all of them and you may get them at a cheaper rate if you get them on sale. 

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