We all want the best quality of hair and skin and we work so hard for it all. From DIYs to home remedies and whatnot, we do endless things to get our hair and skin in optimal health. And while for the skin we have tangible solutions for the hair it really becomes very difficult for us to take care of the hair. Taking care of the very small things from how to shampoo the hair to how to cleanse the scalp and what kind of towel to use.

Well, yes. It is very essential to choose the right kind of hair wrap or towel for your hair. Using rough towels could cause frizzy and damaged follicles of hair. But with the advancement of technology and the in details study of hair it has been found that microfiber is very protective for hair. And thus, we have some reasons why you should start using a microfiber head wrap.

It Helps Reduce Your Drying Time

microfiber hair wraps

You read that right! Microfibers are very thin, about 1/5 of the thickness of your hair. This means they have an arrangement that allows more hair strands to rub against the fibers. This is responsible for making the hair dry so quickly.  On the other hand, the normal towels that you use have very big and rough fabrics(soft fabrics for skin), they make your hair rough and unmanageable.

Minimizing The Rub

You know that wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage and when you rub them vigorously using your towel they become both frizzy and break from the center as well as the roots. Whereas in microfiber towels or hair wraps the hair isn’t rubbed or twisted to wring out the water. The microfiber is simply wrapped around the head and then you gently press it over sections of your hair. The great absorption it offers makes your hair super soft and less frizzy than normal.

Great For Thick Hair

microfiber hair wraps

In case you have very thick hair or even longer hair,(nutrients that will give you longer hair) then you know the struggles of drying the hair completely. It is very harmful when the water remains in the hair for longer durations. This can make the hair weaker. Therefore you must use microfiber materials for drying your hair thoroughly.

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Don’t Get Worn Off Easily

Microfiber fabrics are made with synthetic fibers and do not get worn off easily. Whereas the normal towels that you use get thinner and lose their lint with every use.  Thus it is safer and better to invest in a microfiber wrap.

Easy To Wash And Pack

Microfiber fabrics do not require a very large space. Even a full size towel will occupy 1/4th of the space of the normal towel and thus they are very easy to pack and carry while travelling. Not only that these fabrics repel the dirt and dust that gets trapped in them and are very easy to clean. 

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Absorbs And Dries Faster

microfiber hair wraps

Microfiber towels not only absorb with better capacity but also dry out almost half of the time that normal towels take to dry.  Along with that microfiber towels are a thing of trend now so, you must give them a try.

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