Mira Rajput Kapoor, a young mom of two who married actor Shahid Kapoor a few years back has a huge fan following on social media with many trying to copy her looks and whatever she does and posts on Instagram. She and Shahid give us couple goals like no other. I got the opportunity to ask her a few questions via Tata Sampann Spices on what does she recommend of expecting and new mothers and advise for all HZ women readers and here is what Mira shared. 

Five key points that you think every would-be mom and new mother should keep in mind?

Listen to your mother. I think when our mothers tell us that you will know what I am talking about when you become a mother, it's true and I can very well relate to it now.

Listen to yourself. If you are feeling hungry then eat, if you are feeling sleepy-sleep. You don’t have to go on the internet telling you how many hours to sleep and when to eat. Go with your body and follow what your body tells you.

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Include some sort of physical exercise that is doable after the 40 days are up whether its yoga, pilates, or anything you’re comfortable doing. Make that a daily one-hour of your me-time.

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Include all of these age-old remedies that we have like saunf-ajwain ka paani, I had a lot of methi in my food, I had a lot of jeera in my food, a lot of vegetable likes Ghia, Torrai, rice, jaggery. These things really helped me and you know you really don’t need to know a lot. Make sure that you use all of the spices you have in your cabinet.

I say do everything that you could along with your partner. Nothing is better than doing things together. Ups and downs in life will always happen but getting through them with your partner by your side makes the experience even more joyful.

Message For HZ Readers

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Me-time is something you should never give upon. And I do not think it applies to only women, men as well. Each person needs me time to recharge and I think many times women are multi-tasking a lot more. We definitely have the qualities to multi-task and many a time we often forget to have me-time and that’s when you realize you are snapping or your mood swings happen and you are not looking at yourself. Me-time is something that you need as it allows you to maintain mental and physical balance which is very important.

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It allows you to maintain a sense of equilibrium, helps to remain positive and happy. So whether you enjoy exercise, watching a movie, chatting with your friends or maybe look-out for some interesting pieces of jewelry. Anything that you do for yourself, and with yourself is very important. Make sure that your fitness is not restricted to your body but extends to your mind as well and is combined with your diet.

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