Almond is considered to be a treasure trove of health benefits. You must have heard of the many benefits of almonds. Almonds sharpen your brain, boost immunity, reduce cholesterol among a host of other benefits to the body. Some people soak almonds overnight and have it first thing in the morning, while some eat it as a snack while others prefer to use almond oil for its innumerable benefits. Just like almond, its oil has a wealth of health benefits and keeps you immune to various diseases.

Benefits of almond oil are innumerable. It contains various vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin -E, and others. The best thing about this oil is that everyone irrespective of their age can use it. If you use almond oil to massage a newborn baby, it helps strengthen his/her bones and muscles.

almond oil for cold

If you add a few drops of almond oil in milk or water and give it to your child then it helps in boosting their immunity as well as help is proper growth.

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Omega 6 fatty acid present in almond oil is essential for the brain and it is also considered beneficial to have almond oil when you are pregnant. Iron, calcium, and others are good for both the mother and the child.


almond oil for eyes

Expert's Suggestion

Ayurveda physician Dr Abrar Multani says, "Almond oil helps boost health and enhance the beauty of the person. It is because of this that children are given a few drops of almond oil along with milk. But do you know that putting a few drops of almond oil in your nose is also beneficial?"


Yes, if you add two drops of almond oil daily in your nose then it not only will help you look younger for a longer time but will also keep you bay from various diseases. Let us know from Dr Multani about benefits of putting almond oil in your nose.

Benefits Of Putting Almond Oil In Your Nose

  • Gets you relieved from headache problems
  • Prevents hair fall and greying of hair 
  • Helps in Sinus problem
  • Help keep your teeth strong
  • Good for eyesight
  • Gives you glowing skin
  • Increases as well as sharpens your memory

If you want to get rid or stay away from any of these problems then start applying almond oil in your nose from today. Make sure that you put 2 drops of almond oil daily in your nose.