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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial

Want to try Female Condoms? Know Benefits, Effectiveness, Drawbacks & Price

Read how female condoms offer protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancies. 
Published -23 Jun 2022, 21:10 ISTUpdated -24 Jun 2022, 17:04 IST
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
  • Published -23 Jun 2022, 21:10 ISTUpdated -24 Jun 2022, 17:04 IST
choose female condom

Among several contraception options available for women, female condoms have little to no side effects. Even though they aren’t too popular, they offer autonomy to women without being harmful to their bodies. Let’s start!

What Do Female Condoms Look Like?

Female condoms are thin and loose-fitting sheaths that are available in various sizes. It comes with a flexible disc that closes at one end. The cover is made of a non-latex material, and the inner ring comprises a polyurethane component.

The inner disc with a closed-end helps a woman insert the contraceptive inside the vaginal canal. The opened end of the condom remains outside the canal to cover the external part of the vagina. 

It was developed around the 20th century as an alternative to male condoms. Some men refused to use condoms stating issues with erection and loss of sensation. Therefore, female condoms were made so that women can regulate pregnancies and protect themselves from STIs. Apart from females, people of any gender identity can use them for anal or vaginal sex.

How Do Female Condoms Work?

female condoms

When a woman inserts the soft pouch into her vagina, it creates a barrier against the sperm. It prevents the egg from fertilising, and thus, allows women to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Since a female condom covers the lining of the vaginal wall and parts of the vulva, it decreases the chance of a woman coming in contact with pre-cum and semen. Hence, it prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. 

What Is The Effective Percentage Of Female Condoms?

According to a report in WebMD, female condoms are 95% effective compared to male condoms, which offer 98% protection against unwanted pregnancy. Hence, 5 in every 100 women using female condoms can get pregnant. On the contrary, 2 in 100 women have the chance of getting pregnant when male condoms are used.

The same report also says that female condoms also do not eliminate the risks of STIs, but they significantly cut down the chances of infection.

How To Insert Female Condoms?

  1. Much like male condoms, a woman has to be careful about not tearing the female condom while opening the packet.
  2. The safe practice requires one to insert the condom into the vagina or anus before the skin comes in contact with the male genital.
  3. For ease of insertion, one can add lubricant at the closed end of the condom. It will facilitate smooth insertion.
  4. The position for the insertion is squatting, laying down or standing with one leg on a chair or some other higher surface.
  5. Just like a tampon, the condom goes inside the vagina when a woman squeezes the disc on the closed end. Insert it as far as it goes.
  6. Release the pressure on the ring for the condom to take its shape and stay in place.
  7. The other end of the condom or the second ring will hang about an inch outside the vaginal canal.

Benefits Of Female Condoms

female contraceptive

  • They can be inserted 8 hours before intercourse.
  • They are not made of latex; therefore, the chances of female condoms causing any irritation are quite less.
  • They need to be taken out right after the climax, and the couple can relax after.
  • They do not lose their shape even if the partner loses the erection.

Cons Of Female Condoms

  • They might make a little noise
  • They are more expensive than male condoms
  • They might mildly irritate the skin
  • They can tone down the sensation during intercourse
  • They might slip from the supposed position during sex (why women want sex?)

Brands In India That Sell Female Condoms

Around 10 brands in India sell female condoms. The list includes PeeSafe Domina, FC2, Origami, VA Wow, Cupid Angel, Rufus, Silk Parasol, WHO, Velvet and Phoenurse. The cost starts at around ₹149 for a peeSafe Domina female condom.


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