With the ongoing covid pandemic currently in effect, many countries across the globe have started the process of opening their borders for travel and trade after a complete year in lockdown. As travel restrictions are beginning to lift, there also comes a risk of the infection and its spread. To keep a check on the multiplication of viruses, all countries are forced to impose some important health guidelines and safety measures which a traveller should be well aware of. If you are a frequent traveller or travelling for any purpose at all, here are some useful apps that will help you prepare for it by telling you more about the restrictions and safety protocols currently in effect at your destination.

Tata Centre

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Tata centre is an app developed by IATA. The basic motive of building this app according to the developers was to let travellers have an up to date information regarding the documentation requirements of their destination country so that they are fully prepared and don't miss anything out. But as per recent occurrences and the covid pandemic currently in force, the developers added a brand new feature in the app which allows travellers to know about the travel restrictions and other preventive rules currently in effect in their destination place as well.

All you need to do is to download the app and fill in your destination city, state or country and it will fetch complete information regarding the travel restrictions, documentation required and other important stuff about that place. All in all, it's a very useful app in times like these. 


travel apps

This one is exclusively for international travellers. Sherpa is another useful app that allows its user to navigate to their destination through the easiest accessible route, keeping in view of the current travel restrictions imposed by various countries. Let's assume that you're supposed to travel to Canada from India, this app will show you the easiest flight layover route plan, especially through countries with the most flexible and easy restrictions and not the strict ones. Some countries are asking for covid test reports or mandatory quarantine while others are only asking for you to show a vaccine certificate or simply put on a mask and follow social distancing. Sherpa will make sure that you are well prepared and travel smoothly. 

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App In The Air

"App in the air" is probably the most popular one on this list. Mostly because of its simple user interface and quick information.

All you need to do is to type in your destination and starting point on the app. It will simply open up two completely different tabs on the same page and provide you with up to date information on travel restrictions and guidelines currently in place in both the countries i.e. your source country and the destination country as well. This app also allows you to book air tickets on the go and it also suggests you the easiest navigable way to your destination. 

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Airsiders Compass

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Airsiders compass started out as a website at first which gave insightful information regarding the safety protocols, travel restrictions, documentation and other mandatory rules imposed by various airports in different countries across the globe. Later, it became so much popular that they developed an app with more enhanced features like it helps you navigate to the nearest disinfectant point at the airport or locate operational food joints across different airports etc. 

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So, use these amazingly helpful apps and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.