There is a lot more that comes along with the extraordinary experience of travelling solo, especially when you are a woman. While you may picture a woman travelling solo, as a happy-go-lucky free bird, relishing bits from all across the world, strolling free on the streets, the real picture is actually a lot more different. Unwelcomed stares, raised eyebrows, acts of sexual harassment and the list goes on. Well, that's because we as people have still not managed to make this world a safe place for women to travel solo. Especially, talking of India, the dubious reputation of the country has held back innumerable feet to unfold its incredible beauty. While the day when we women will really get to travel safely across without any fears is still uncertain, we can ensure safety on our hands with some simple safety tips. Here you go:

Stay High On Confidence

When you are traveling to a new destination, make sure you don't look lost or clueless, for it will only attract creepy people or burglars. If are traveling to a place that is new to you, you can easily become a target. Make sure you grab enough knowledge about the new place through the net before actually heading there. Don't look blank on the face while you forget your way to the hotel or miss out on anything. While you are up there, look confident at all times even if you aren't actually. Stay head up and look around like you are very familiar with the place.

Keep A Check On Your Money 

First, try not carrying too much cash with you. Use your credit or debit cards as much as possible. Even if you have to carry cash, keep it in different places. Don't keep all your money in one place. Divide your currency into small parts and keep them separately. Save some of them in the inside pocket of your bag, some inside the luggage, inside your makeup bag and your lingerie bag. For safety, you can also keep some money in your socks or the back cover of your phone.

Don't Drink Like A Fish 

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Well, every traveler has their own reason for traveling. If you are someone who is purely travelling for enjoyment and just can't do without partying and boozing, you need to hold it right there. We aren't really asking you to not drink or party at all. Just that you can't trust everyone you socialize with during your tour. Don't accept drinks from strangers. Be a smart woman and you know your drinking limits. Stop when you know its time to.

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Pack Light 

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No, you don't have to pack your entire closet for your holiday. That really isn't a great idea! Carrying 4-5 bags with all your favorite stuff comes with the stress of roaming from one city to another, the pain of unpacking and packing those bags and also makes you an easy target for robbers. And who is up for all this during a holiday? No one. It is best to pack only your essentials in one bag and travel light across.

Mix In Like Sugar 

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You are travelling to a new destination and you absolutely have no clue about the local life there. Don't do that! Stay up with information about the place you are travelling to. The information should not solely revolve around attractions to see or places to shop but also make you well aware of the local life out there. One of the best tips any travel blogger would give you would be dressing like a local. You may have a different personality and may not like dressing the way locals do. But if you dress like the way they do, you will prevent yourself from drawing attention and that is what you must on your trip solo. Also, learn about some local practices so that you don't become vulnerable to criminals. If you get lost, step into any shop and ask them to direct you.

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