Located at an altitude of 4401 meters Saach Pass is a mountain pass in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a very popular spot amongst travellers and is also one of the hardest destinations to reach. It requires much strength, courage, and willpower to reach here as one has to cross restricted and unmetalled roads which also happen to be the deadliest roads of the world. This pass connects the Chamba valley to the Pangi valley. It comprises one of the hardest courses from Chamba to Killar for about 170km. And the pass is open from June end to October. It is indeed every traveller’s dream to be able to visit this place at least once in a lifetime. So, we want you to be ready to embrace your dream, and therefore, here are some things that you must know before visiting Saach Pass.

Weather And Temperature At Saach Pass

Saach Pass was once known as the ‘Grand Daddy of Passes’ for being the toughest of all passes in the Himalayan range. Earlier only a handful of people could visit the pass due to its difficulty but now, with more and more people developing a liking for extreme adventure and travel(most dangerous roads in India), this pass has lost its fame of being almost formidable. Even after that, this is the most dangerous passes in the country.

Talking about the weather at Saach pass, the pass is entirely covered with snow for over eight months of the year, and for the four months, when it is not covered with snow, you can easily spot thick glaciers around this treacherous trail of the Saach pass along with a varying climate. Temperatures here may be moderate between July and October which is also the best time to visit this pass. Further, the temperatures around Bairagarh and Killar are a bit relieving as these areas are not that cold. 

How To Reach Saach Pass


To reach Saach Pass you can either start from Dalhousie or Chamba and exit in Manali or the other way round. From Dalhousie you will reach Bairagarh then you might want to make a stop and stay here. After that your next stop would be Satrundi, here you will have to register yourself, and then you can continue travelling to the Saach Pass which is only 30 kilometers from this location.  After reaching the pass, once you have soaked in all the serenity and beauty of the place, you start your descent towards Killar from where you can exit the Manali Leh highway at Keylong. Whereas you can also choose to exit from the Dalhousie via Bairagarh and Satrundi.

Some Nearby Cities To Check Out

  • Killar (40 Km)
  • Bairagarh (60 Km)
  • Udaipur (110 Km)
  • Chamba (120 Km)
  • Dalhousie (150 Km)
  • Kishtwar (150 Km)
  • Keylong (155 Km)
  • Manali (270 Km)
  • Delhi  (710 Km)(don't miss these temples in Delhi)

Best Mode Of Travel


The best mode of travel is by car, locals around here help you commute to different checkpoints(with their Maruti Alto) and they are quite reliable as they have the plus point of being familiar with the routes and they are way more experienced than normal travellers. Alternatively, you can also drive by yourself if you are an expert at driving on extreme roads. In addition to that, people also like travelling to Saach pass, on their motorbikes, in fact, solo travellers and junkies appreciate such dangerous and adventure-filled road trips as bikes are easy to handle, but again, you have to be very confident and experienced.

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Other Things To Know


  • Decent accommodations are available across the nearby cities and you can safely stay there, rest, and warm-up before restarting your trip.
  • Your networks would be available until you start heading towards the Saach Pass. Once you reach here, only BSNL might work with a bleak network coverage.
  • The minimum amount of time you need to complete this trip is 3 - 4 days.
  • Remember to carry enough money as you would not find ATMs after Bairagarh.
  • Lastly, keep very warm clothes, to make sure you don’t fall sick on your trip.

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