Betrayal is human nature and sometimes many of us do that knowingly or unknowingly. However, it has an impact on everyone’s mind and every sun sign reacts to betrayals differently. Astrologer Pankaj Khanna, MD and Founder Gem Selections, has listed out how each sing reacts. So which one are you?


leo betrayal

This is a sign ruled by the sun, is often confident and direct. Leos tend to jump in headfirst without thinking of all the possible consequences. When Leo experiences betrayal, they react quickly and with intensity. They will either confront the person head-on or they may want to get as far away from that person as possible.


aries betrayal

This sign is ruled by Mars and is known for its directness. They like to talk and do things in the moment. When they experience betrayal, they need a good amount of time alone to reflect on what has happened. They may be so hurt by what happened that they are unable to talk about it with anyone else except a close friend or loved one that is also an Aries.


Ruled by Mercury, this is a sign that benefits from communication and open communication. They are social animals, and their strong intellect can lead them to do a lot of talking. When experiencing betrayal, they want to express their emotions and feelings through written words or something creative such as art.


This can be a very protective sign and can sometimes become overprotective when it comes to family. When experiencing betrayal from someone close to them (a sibling or a parent), they may react defensively by not wanting to have any contact with that person anymore and by cutting all ties with them.


Ruled by Pluto, this is a sign ruled by the night. They are very introverted creatures who are drawn to deep emotions and dark undertakings. When they experience betrayal, they may become very withdrawn from the world around them and may want to hide in their own home for a while until the situation gets better.


pisces betrayal

Ruled by Neptune, is a sign ruled by intuition. They can experience sudden mood swings and intense emotions that are difficult for other people to understand. When they experience betrayal, they may not be able to believe that someone could betray them. They have major trust issues and will want to know why this happened to them. They are people of compassion and may reach out to others to find answers.

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Ruled by Saturn, this is a very reserved sign that prefers keeping things on the down-low and not talking about what they are doing in case it gets out of hand. They are practical beings who try to be as independent as possible because they don't like relying on other people. When they experience betrayal, they will likely become quieter and less talkative until they find a way of overcoming the situation.

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Ruled by Uranus, is an unpredictable sign who thinks outside of the box rather than in a conventional manner. When they experience betrayal, it can be a major blow to their ego and their social circle. They may feel like they cannot communicate with anyone about it and because of this, they may decide to end all relationships with everyone to recover from the situation.


virgo betrayal

Ruled by Mercury, is a sign that is very observant of their surroundings and likes to learn everything about everything. When they experience betrayal, they will likely overthink the situation and try to rationalize it to understand what exactly happened.


Ruled by Venus, is an earth sign who wants things done practically and likes having control over certain matters. If they experience betrayal, they may try to isolate themselves from everyone and go into a deep depression because of it. They may begin to feel like there is no way out of the situation and the only remedy to this crisis is death.

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Ruled by Jupiter, is a fire sign who believes in living life to the fullest and being as free as possible. When betrayed, they may try to run away and distance themselves from the situation, and trying to avoid any contact with people around them. 


This is an air sign which means they are people who strive towards the future, love justice and fairness, and tend to be very artistic and creative. Libra, when betrayed, will experience a sudden personality change and become highly agitated. They may act impulsively or aggressively, become suspicious, get triggered on the slightest thing, react with extreme hatred of everyone they come into contact with and even lash out at those close to them.

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