The year of 2020 and 2021 has not been great for most of us. But we have half the year still left with us and all we have been doing is hoping that the scenario gets better with time. Here is a tarot card prediction by Tarot Card Reader, Jeeviska Sharma, which sheds light on the zodiac signs which will be lucky in the coming months of 2021.


Capricorn will see the universe favouring them and boosting their luck in the coming months of 2021. Their personal life will see growth coming their way along with several changes. There are chances for singles to find a suitable match for themselves and they may even tie the knot this year. You might also find yourself buying a new house or a new vehicle this year. Overall the year will bring various occasions for celebration.


aquarius luck

In terms of your professional life, the coming months of 2021 will bring a lot of good lucky for you Aquarius. If you happen to be planning a new business idea or if you are looking for a new job then you should know that the world will favour your efforts and you will get the positive results you want.


In the months ahead, the year will surprise you with a few good work opportunities and will also see some relationship proposals coming your way. The remainder of the 2021 will bless your career life and personal life. You will find only good things happening with you.


aries luck

If you are employed in a company then there are chances that this year could reward you with a promotion in your office. The coming months of 2021 could treat you well. Those who are into business or are self-employed then there chances that you could see some lucrative deals coming your way.

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People with the sun sign Gemini will not have to wait for too long to get what was due to them. They will finally receive what they rightfully deserve. If there was a monetary logjam or your money was stuck in some deal in the past, you will see your payments finally getting cleared in the coming months of 2021.

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leo luck

Any important work you had which had been pending for long will finally see completion. The work which is awaiting completion will be related to your professional life. When the pendency will clear it will bring in great monetary gains for you which you were waiting for long time.

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