Social media has changed the way we live our lives 360 degrees! From helping us out in doing business to keeping our lives entertained there is so much we can give social media credit for. Yes, there is a negative impact as well but why see the glass half empty when half of it still has done a lot for us?

Enhanced Our Connectivity 

Social media has been a boon for us all. It connects like-minded people, helps in connecting with our loved ones, our love interests, our future employers and so on. We have to hardly make an effort as all it needs is a simple click. Irrespective of where that person is in the world or the religion, social networks are helpful in reviving and preserving relationships with other people. It has become easier for us to connect with people. In fact, many companies now use social media platforms like Linkedin to approach candidates.


insta business

Social media skills are no longer considered a niche. In fact, there are entire teams on which companies depend for their visibility and reach!  It affects the way a whole organisation runs and grows. Social Media advertising is cheaper when we compare it to normal advertising. It reaches all individuals without age being an issue. It helps in having a proper conversation with the users, promoting two-way communication. 

Beneficial For Teaching

With my own relatives taking classes online, I can vouch for the fact that experts and professionals can help out students through social media. There is so much happening, with so many apps coming up as well that completely depend on taking education to the next level. You can learn so many things, like languages and other skills without paying for them.

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Noble Causes

Thanks to NGOs present online, we know what all is happening around us and where can we help. We can now donate online easily without wasting time. NGOs can also promote themselves on social media easily. Every individual including a farmer can benefit from social media.

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Social Media Helps in Building Communities

facebook build communities

It helps followers of various religions, nationalities, and interests to form communities. They can discuss and spread a word (read positive matter here please. No place for hate messages and conversations here). Ones who love sports can follow sports communities.  

Beneficial For Mental Health

When we see emotions expressed online, that affects our mood as well. We can not feel that FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out) as social media has so much to offer today. Social media offers a lot of support not just through apps but by helping us connect as well. There are many new communication pathways which give the much-needed support.  

Save Lives

We do not just need 24*7 suicide prevention hotlines but also need a lot of awareness as well which should motivate people as well. There are ways that assure people that they are not alone.