Are you worried that you may not get married soon or want to get hitched? Are you feeling more under pressure since so many of your friends have been putting posts amid COVID-19 that they have gotten married? Then worry not, if you believe in Vastu Shastra then these tips will be of immense help. 

Direction Of The Room

Make sure that the direction of the unmarried girl's room is in the north-west direction of the house. It should never be in the south-west direction as that delays matrimonial opportunities.


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Place soft or pastel-hued lampshades in the South-West direction of the bedroom as this will positively work on the individual's love life.

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Spread bedsheets which are in hues of pink with flowery designs as these are considered lucky for those who are looking forward to getting married.

Wall Paint

Paint the walls of the house in pastel shades as this invites positive energy. Stay away from black or brown paints or wallpapers. 


Keep the door of the bathroom closed when not in use, especially the one attached to the girl's room. 


Avoid sleeping under the beam whether you are the girl or a family member. Reason being that this causes unwanted pressure and can be a cause of bad health. Also, in terms of posture, make her sleep with her head in the west and legs towards the east side.


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Keep mirrors only inside the rooms and not outside. They can be placed in the west and south walls but should not be facing the bed. 


Place some mogra flowers or red roses in the room and throw away the old flowers. Make sure they are always fresh. 

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Under The Bed

Below the bed, the area should be empty and clean. Find another spot if you have kept some belongings there as that brings bad luck or delays the prospect of marriage. This includes even the working out paraphernalia.  

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If possible then wear red as much as you can. This will attract the lost love in your life along with some positive vibes for the future.   

Crystal Ball

Place a crystal ball in the room as this avoids delay in marriage. You can even place it next to your bed to channel better energy.


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If possible, get a pair of love birds as decor items in the house. You will have better chances of getting married. Place them in the south-west direction of the room. You can also get real living birds but it is unfair to keep living organisms in a cage so it is not something we would encourage.

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