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7 Vows That Every Couple Should Take Before Taking The Actual Wedding Vows

Make these 7 promises to your partner before taking the actual vows in front of the priest on your wedding day.
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Weddings are a very special occasion in every individual's life. Weddings are a very pure and pious bond of two people as well as their families and it also holds a great significance. The wedding or marriage only means a bond and connection.

When two people are going to share a life for life, then they see a lot of ups and downs together. Sorrows are bound to happen but a couple can get through any hurdles or challenges of life if they are together.

To spend eternity together, the couple should give each other a few promises before taking the actual wedding vows and these vows should also be followed with full heart.

Equally Share The Responsibilities

trust wedding vows

You both should promise each other to equally share the responsibilities in the future. The burden shouldn’t come on only one person. This doesn’t mean that you really have to be 50-50 in all situations.

You have to depend on the situation. If one person is ill, then the other can take up the responsibilities and support each other in sharing all the responsibilities.

Be Honest

You both should promise to always be honest with each other. No matter what, you should be honest and not hide things from each other. Honesty is the key to a successful relationship.

You might think that you are doing a favour to the other by keeping things from your partner, but it will eventually bite you in the end.

Always Respect Each Other

You should always respect each other. No matter what is the case or how mad you are at each other but you should always respect each other. You should never forget your limits and lose respect for each other. Apart from respecting each other, you should also respect your partner's decision. You should understand that your partner has taken a decision only after putting a lot of thought into it.

Respect is more important than love. Before loving each other, you should respect your partner as respect is the foundation of a relationship.

Always Take Out Moments To Spend Quality Time

quality time wedding vows

Newly wed couples often find time for each other but as time passes, the focus often shifts from the partner to other things. We understand that it is important to work and give time to other things, but you should always remember to take out time for your partner.

Have a fun weekend together, go for dates, go for vacations, go for long drives, do activities that please you and many more. You guys should always take time for each other from your busy schedule even when you turn 70.

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Give And Seek Trust

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. If you can’t trust your partner, then problems are bound to happen. It doesn’t mean that you should trust your partner blindly but it also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust them at all. Trust is the key to any relationship.

Promise To Give Comfort And Warmth

respect wedding vows

You should always make your partner feel comfortable and provide them with everything they need. Making your partner feel comfortable doesn’t mean providing them with the luxuries of life that you can’t afford.

Instead, it means to make your partner feel comfortable emotionally (dance your way to perfect emotional health) and provide them with all the warmth.

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Communicate Fully And Fearlessly

Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Whatever the situation is, communicating with your partner will always solve the problem and will give you a solution. 

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