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Make Your Married Life Happy And Exciting Again!

If you are struggling with your unhappy and dull married life then here are some easy ways that will help you make it happy and exciting.
Published -14 Sep 2018, 08:00 ISTUpdated -14 Sep 2018, 11:06 IST
married life happier

Once you get married, you may feel that the spark between you two has vanished. With life happening each day, you and your partner may get busy in your own stuff and the relationship may witness a rough patch. Once the honeymoon phase is over, responsibilities start taking over. It may look all mundane to you, but here are some ways how you can make your married life happier and exciting!

Keep The Flirting On

Well, the flirting chapter usually comes to an end once you tie the knot. This is one of the reasons why you or your partner may be feeling something lacking! You need to retain the flirting that happened while the two of you dated. Don't miss a chance to flirt with each other. Drop them a text while they are at work and let them know that you love them or you can't wait to see them. Keep it alive and this will add lots of excitement to your relationship.

Be All Ears

listen to each other

Image Courtesy: navimumbai.com

Amid our hectic work schedules, we get just a little time where we can sit down and speak our hearts out. Many times, when we hold back things in our heart, we create misunderstandings with our people. Make sure you sit down with your partner each day for some time and let them speak their heart. This will not only help them take off their burden but also bring you two closer.

Work On Your Intimacy

Sex plays one of the major roles in a successful married life. Make sure you work on your intimacy and keep bringing exciting things to spice up your sex life. Ask what pleases your partner or introduce new things to add to the fun.

Shower Some Compliments

We all love compliments and they really have the power to make our day. Shower your partner with compliments every day! Let them know that you love them and you are really lucky to have them with you. These compliments will keep them happy all day and in return, they will try bringing a smile to your face.

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Go For Dates

If you really wish to keep up the excitement, keep the dating phase on. Just like you went for dates while you were dating, make sure you keep it going after getting married also. Plan dates at new restaurants, go watch new movies and try exciting activities that make you both happy.

Plan More Getaways

keep the flirting on

Image Courtesy: media.glamour.com 

With time, as you get busy with your work and home chores, you forget to take out time for each other. This in return creates differences between you two and makes you feel lost. Even if you are too busy with your stuff, plan small getaways with each other. Spend some quality time away from everyone and this will help you connect better with your partner.

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