We come across bizzare and surprising posts everyday on social media and everyday we realize about the incredible and crazy things people are capable of doing.

A big example of this being this viral video of a man who was seen putting and dipping his hands inside hot oil to fry the chicken. The video has stunned everyone and left us all shocked.

The Viral Video

The video was uploaded by an instagram page @nonvegfoodie. The video shows a man putting his hand in boiling oil and immediately taking it out at which point we can see the oil dripping from his fingers. The man continues with dipping hands again in the hot oil. But this time, he takes out hot fried chicken from there. Further, he prepares the chicken by putting the fried chicken in a container and adding different masalas.

chicken fry in oil

The viral video was posted with a caption, 

"Inke haath jalte nahi hain ? 😳

Boiling hot oil mein hath dal kar nikaala Fried Chicken

At Ali Chicken Centre"

And this is our question too, ""Inke haath jalte nahi hain ? "

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The Video Reactions

The video has impressed several people but there are also many who are concerned about the food hygiene.

dipping hand in hot oil

One user commented concerned about the hygiene of the food, "chicken+ his dissolved skin, nail sweat glands, and microscopic blood vessels... more value for money?"

Another user commented, "Dude at least serve clean food."

The video was uploaded recently but has already garnered a huge amount of likes on the post. 

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We are still left with the question, how is he able to do it so smoothly, and does it as if it is not a big deal??

What do you think about the viral video? Would you like to taste this chicken made with incredible technique? Let us know on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!