Weddings are a huge event in our lives and we tend to forget important and essential daily to-do things. Here’s a bride doing one major part of her daily activity right before she is supposed to make her bridal entry! 

What’s The Viral Video?

We spot a bride getting ready with her makeup artist (MUA) Simran Arora, having a bowl of maggie as she is getting ready to make her bridal entrance at her wedding. 

Where Was This Posted? 

This video was posted on the Instagram handle of MUA Simran Arora which has a crazy amount of 108K likes, which is super underrated for us! 

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Lesson To Learn?

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This bride is giving us major goal vibes and we intend on taking away a lot of things from her. 

Always put your appetite first. Food is the ultimate #1 thing on our priority list, and has to be an absolute favourite right before you head to your wedding venue

Food Before Dude! We cannot emphasize this enough! We hear her saying ‘Dulha wait karega’, well obviously for the Maggi to finish! 

Keep your food handy at all times! Always keep a snack in your bag and have something to munch on, especially when it’s your wedding day!

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