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    Bride Gets Upset At DJ Mid Entry For Not Playing Her Dream Entry Song; See What Happened Next

    You might have seen a viral video about the bride who denied entry at her wedding venue. Read on and know all about it here.
    Updated at - 2021-08-26,11:42 IST
    shivani pippel viral wedding video m

    We all plan for our wedding day to be the most perfect and dreamy day in our lives so that we can remember everything vividly and happily. And that is why Indian weddings are super fun and celebratory, they are like carnivals of the lives of two people. And since the scale of Indian weddings is generally so large, they require a lot of planning, months of works, and a lot more so, it is natural that the bride and the groom start visualising their dream wedding day and if things do not turn out to be the way they imagined, it is natural that they’d be disheartened.

    An incident that clearly brings to the surface the amount of disappointment that is caused when something like this happens, made it to the news when the bride denied entering the wedding venue.  Read on and find out more about what happened.

    All About The Incident 

    shivani pippel viral wedding video

    Like all brides, Shivani Pippel’s entry was perhaps something she wanted to be on point with one of the songs of her choice. But as she started entering a different song was played by the DJ, this annoyed her and she raised her concern to her family and friends, stopping mid-entry.

    shivani pippel viral wedding video

    A video clip of this incident went viral on social media and millions of people have viewed it until now. The video called for a blast of mixed reactions of users on social media where some were noted to be relating with the bride and supporting her while the others found it to be a staged act to gain viewers. Let us also check the details of the video.

    Shivani Pippel’s Viral Video

    On 15th August, Shivani Pippel posted a video on her Instagram account wherein she was seen refusing to enter the wedding venue because of the wrong song that was being played during her entry.  The bride expressed her disappointment mid-entry and stopped and was heard saying, "Vahi lagega. Usko bolo, maine bola tha (Tell him to put on that song. I told him)," in the viral clip. 

    Wondering what song she wanted to be played in her entry? 'Piya mohe ghar aaye' it was. And the beautiful bride further told her friends, "Usko bolo 'Piya mohe ghar aaye' lagega (Ask him to play 'Piya mohe ghar aaye'),"after which all her family and everyone else around her, hurriedly asked the DJ to fix the song so that the wedding could proceed smoothly.  Some also told her to calm down and not be sad as her song would surely be played shortly.

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    After The Song Was Played

    We all saw everything that happened before the song was played and that became a massive hit, but what happened after the song was played was even more enthralling.  Shivani, the bride, took to her Instagram on Wednesday, 25th August, and shared a video on what happened moments after the song played. So, the video that was uploaded had a montage of clips of her smiling proceeding towards her husband, finally.

    What made her wedding even more interesting was the fact that Shivani is a makeup artist directing the makeup department at one of the Geetanjali leading makeup studio brand, she was caught doing her own makeup for her d day! Yes, you read that right the beautiful bride, dressed in a captivating and ethereal lehenga, was the one behind her enchanting wedding day look.

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    So, what would you have done if your entry song wasn’t played? Comment down below and let us know. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.

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