It is Captain Vikram Batra's birth anniversary today. Param Vir Chakra Captain Vikram Batra's sacrifice for his country continues to inspire us today and would inspire generations to come. The Kargil War legend is celebrated each day and recently we all got to witness his heroic story with Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani starrer, Shershaah. 

Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani starrer Shershaah has been trending ever since its release on the OTT platform. The movie that released earlier last month has been watched across the world and receiving a lot of love. A few weeks later, it has also made it to being the most popular Hindi film of all time on IMDB. 

Shershaah is not just a real life story of heroism, it is also the story of unconditional love, the love that Captain Vikram Batra had for his nation, the love Dimple Cheema had for Vikram. It is a love story that seems just too unreal today, it hits you hard. 

Dimple Cheema and Vikram Batra's real life love story has managed to strike a chord with the audience. Their story has redefined love for us and looks like we aren't getting over it anytime soon. 

Ever since the movie has been creating buzz online, many have been wanting to know where Vikram Batra's love Dimple Cheema is today, what is she doing and if she got married. Read on to know all about Dimple Cheema. 

Where Is Dimple Cheema? Is She Married?

Dimple Cheema is a school teacher and continues to live as Vikram Batra's widow after all these years. After Caption Vikram Batra was martyred in the Kargil War, 1999, Dimple Cheema vowed to not marry anyone else. According to a report by Shethepeople, Vikram Batra's parents and brother often asked her to get married but she refused. 

Did Dimple Cheema Meet Team Shershaah?

No, Dimple Cheema is a private person and refused to meet the writer of the movie. However, she agreed for a phone call. During an hour long conversation, Dimple Cheema shared that she doesn't look her choice of not getting married as a sacrifice. 

According to a report by Indiatimes, she told the writer of the movie, Sandeep Srivastava, "She told me, 'People keep telling me that this is a huge sacrifice that I have made. But, honestly, I don't look at it as a sacrifice. This is a choice. Vikram was everything to me. That chapter could have been with Vikram, it was with him, and that's it. I am fine with it. There is no sacrifice'."

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Is Dimple Cheema In Contact With Vikram's Family?

Yes, Captain Vikram Batra's father n an interview with Indianexpress shared that Dimple Sheema calls them twice in a year on their respective birthdays. He further shared that both he and his wife and Dimple's parents insisted her to move on in life after Vikram's death but she wanted to live on with his memories. 

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Captain Vikram Batra's father, Girdhar Lal Batra further talking about Dimple Cheema and her relationship with their son said, “As long as my child is not going on the wrong track, I have always been a liberal father. Vikram had told us about Dimple and their intention of getting married. I told him that I was with them in their decision. I knew from the start that Dimple is a very respectful girl who understands relationships. After the Kargil war, we told her to get married as she has a life ahead. Her parents too told her the same. But she told us that she wouldn’t get married and live the rest of her life with Vikram’s memories.”

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Captain Vikram Batra's twin brother, Vishal Batra in an interview with Indianexpress recounted the day he had lunch with Dimple a few days ahead of the ill-fated day. Dimple Cheema went to see him off as he was leaving for Delhi. Vishal Batra shared that Dimple told her that once Vikram is back, he should dance at their wedding and to this Vishal replied that he definitely will. 

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Captain Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema first met at Chandigarh's Panjab University where they studied MA English. They were in a relationship for 4 long years but they spent only 40 days together. 

The two wanted to get married eventually after the Kargil war was over but Captain Vikram Batra got martyred while fighting for the nation. However, as portrayed in the movie by Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, Vikram Batra held Dimple's dupatta while doing a parikarma at the Mansa Devi Temple and for them it was their marriage. Also, he applied sindoor to Dimple Cheema's forehead with his blood when she felt insecure about his absence. 

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