Marriage is an unbreakable bond between two individuals that grows stronger each day. However, there are days you may feel like your relationship is going bitter and or days when you feel that the things aren't smooth between you and your partner. There are a lot of things that may contribute to this bitterness and one of it can be the Vastu of your living space. Vastu plays a key role when it comes to your personal life. Following some Vastu tips can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse. Scroll down to know. 

Vastu tips can provide appropriate guidance to every individual depending on the current concern. It just involves some changes in the decor of the space around you to perfectly harmonise and balance the universal life force energy. Certain directions, elements, and colours have been assigned to various aspects of an individual’s life. South, for instance, is symbolised by the fire element and is governed by the passionate colours like yellow and red, it is considered as the direction for relationship and passion as well as fame and recognition. Here are some tips for enhancing love and prosperity in your life:

The Right Direction Of Your Bedroom 

Your bedroom should always be either in the southwest or northwest direction. It improves the understanding between the partners. Southeast and northeast should be avoided in any condition in the home.

Keeping heads towards the south direction brings positive magnetic energy that flows from the north in the body. It increases the flow of blood during sleep.

Choosing The Right Bed 

right bed for couples

Always prefer a wooden bed of regular shape which eases the tension between partner. A metal or wrought iron bed should always be avoided. Colours like light blue, soft green, rose pink should be preferred for the bedroom. The uncluttered bedroom makes the ambiance soothing and conducive. The husband and wife should sleep on the right and left side of the bed respectively. It ensures smoothness in the relationship. It is advisable to use a single bed mattress on the double bed. Avoid using a double bed mattress. This helps boost the harmony and positivity in the relationship.

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Door Of The Bedroom 

The door through which you enter your bedroom is considered a symbol of possibilities your life has to offer you and should open at least ninety degrees to fully allow positive opportunities to you. Having a door that doesn't open properly will limit opportunities to come your way and make your life less interesting which will further affect your relationship. 

A Touch Of Peace In The Room

artifacts peaceful marriage

Upon entering your bedroom, the first thing you see should be something that relaxes your mind and makes you feel at peace. You can put up a photograph, a favourite quote, a painting or sculpture, even fresh flowers will enhance the positive feelings.

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Sleep In The Right Direction

Try not to sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. Sharp corners act as energy spears and create stress in the nervous system. You will feel no serenity in a room that has a sharp corner. If there is one then you should place plants in front of it. Make sure your bed is not in direct alignment with it. If so, move your bed away from it. 

Things That Shouldn't Be In Your Bedroom

peaceful marriage vastu tips ridhi bahl

  • Electronic gadgets should not be in the bedroom. They emit electromagnetic waves which disturb the sleep.
  • Mirrors should be avoided in the bedroom. They can lead to misunderstandings and quarrels. If you have a mirror in your bedroom then you must keep it covered especially at night. It is also important to keep the room well lit. Place nice lights all around. This helps to maintain the unflinching love between the couples.
  • Exposed beams or slanted ceiling are symbols of oppression. If your bed is directly underneath an exposed beam or in a slanted room, you will not be able to enjoy a peaceful relationship with your partner. Hang bells from beams or slated ceiling to cut the effect. 
  • Never keep a single pillow, cushion or artifact in your room, make sure you always keep a pair of it. Try to place a crystal in the room as the rose quarts give peace and harmony in the relationship.
  • Make sure your room is clean and neat as any kind of dust or entity not in use in the bedroom indicates a tired and lacklustre relationship. Try to keep things sparkling and fresh around you.

If implemented correctly and accurately Vastu shastra tips can turn around your life for the better in all aspects such as love, health, career finances, and relationship.

Ridhi Bahl is a well-known astrologer and Vastu consultant. For more tips from the expert, stay tuned to HerZindagi.