With a rapidly growing population and shrinking accommodation choices, apartments have emerged as the most thoughtful housing option. Some people do feel that since the apartment is on higher ground, so why do they need Vastu for the same. But in fact, the base of the house is on the ground or above so it is standing on Earth which is a solid. Earth is stationary and among the five elements, four are spread over the entire place. Therefore Vastu is important for apartments.

Vastu Shastra guidelines should be followed for the architecture of all apartments and if not, it can affect lives. Vastu simply makes lives more comfortable and if you cannot follow 100 % of the rules then at least follow the basic principles to bring in progress and peace to the dwellers.

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The master bedrooms should be in the southwest corner of the house. In case the house has many floors then the room should be on the topmost. To keep the energy of the room uniform, keep the ceiling on a level as this contributes in giving the occupant a steady state of mind.

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In the northwest or south or west should be the drawing-room. Going by the Vastu principles, the southwest direction should always be heavier than the other directions so put all your heavy furniture in that side. 

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Speaking of the kid's room, keep it in the northwest side of the house and paint the walls in light hues. Avoid bright colours as that makes the child self-centered. Place the study table facing the east direction. 

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In the southeast direction of the house should be the kitchen. While you cook, make sure that the chef whether you or a professional, is facing east. The food will be tasty in this direction and there will not be any problem in digestion. Cover the daily wastes in the southwest corner of the kitchen. Store your grains and other things in the south direction always. 

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Your toilets in the bathroom should be in northwest or southeast directions. Strictly avoid keeping them in the northeast direction. If you have a bore well or plan to have one, make sure it is dug in the northeast direction. If you have an open area in the northeast then use it as the parking area.

These are the basic rules of Vastu but if you are interested in knowing more from Vastu Expert Ridhi Bahl then stay tuned to HerZindagi.

Ridhi Bahl is amongst India's top Astrologers and Vastu Consultant based in Delhi. She is of great help when it comes to remedies for marriage troubles, Vastu for your home, office, what to keep, and what not to keep in the house.