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Bring Your Partner These Unique Valentine's Day Gifts She'll Love

Here are some recommendations of unique gifts to buy for your partner for Valentine’s Day this year.
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial
Published -10 Feb 2022, 13:03 ISTUpdated -10 Feb 2022, 13:27 IST
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And don’t you think it’s the perfect time to tell your partner how much you love them through thoughtful gifts?

Heat-shaped chocolates and flowers are great, but gifting them can come across that you haven’t put a lot of effort. We know mastering the art of gift-giving is not as easy as it seems. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

From special valentine’s day hamper to skincare products that will leave your loved one feeling pampered, the list has it all! 

So, this year, go with one of these totally unique Valentine's Day gifts for your BAE and get ready to receive all the thank-you kisses in return. Thank us later!

Chicnutrix’s ‘Go Chic With Masaba’ Valentine's Hamper

Chicnutrix’s ‘Go Chic With Masaba’ Valentine Hamper

If you want to pamper your partner like a celebrity then, go for this specially curated Valentine’s hamper!

Chicnutrix’s ‘Go Chic With Masaba’ hamper aims to give you glowing skin and shiny hair just like celebrity and fashion designer Masaba Gupta. Trust us, this will be the best gift for Valentine’s Day.

You will not only get one or two but five amazing products in the hamper such as Chicnutrix Ashwagandha KSM66, Chicnutrix Cleanse, Chicnutrix Hair Superfood, Chicnutrix Calciolive, and Chicnutrix Skin Superfood. The brand claims that these products will help in de-stressing your skin, purifying blood for achieving clear skin, strengthening your bones while adding to a radiant and youthful look.

You can buy this hamper from Amazon or the official website of Chicnutrix. 

Note: Please consult your doctor before taking nutritional supplements.

Fast & Up Plant Protein Isolate

Fast and Up Plant Protein Isolate

If your partner loves to work out or is always busy with their work but wants to adopt a healthy and well-balanced diet, then it’s time for you to gift them Fast & Up’s Plant Protein Isolate. Why?

This power-packed all-natural 100 percent plant protein powder comes in chocolate flavor and is made with pea and brown rice proteins. Who would have thought of associating chocolate with a healthy diet, right? 

Not only it is vegan but also versatile as you can surprise your Valentine by using this powder innovatively in a smoothie or dessert.

You can buy this product online on Amazon or the official website of Fast & Up. 

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Sanfe Vitamin C Face Serum Shots

Sanfe Vitamin C Face Serum Shots

On this Valentine’s Day, you can make your partner feel special by gifting her some beauty essentials. Believe us, she will love it!

We all know that every woman wants her skin to always look radiant and glowing. For the day of love, you can gift her a skincare product. And what better gift would you get other than Sanfe Vitamin C Face Serum Shots?

Do you know that Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant? Let us tell you that this Vitamin protects your skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation. It also revives the dull skin while improving the skin tone. 

You can get your hands on this product on Nykaa, Amazon, and Purplle. 

Derma Totale’s Glutathione Skin Toning Face Wash 

Derma Totale’s Glutathione Skin Toning Face Wash

Image Courtesy: Derma Totale/Pinterest

If your BAE is skincare-obsessed, then consider yourself lucky. Why? We’ve got you an amazing face wash from Derma Totale that offers the combined benefits of cleansing and toning.

The brand also claims that this Skin Toning Face wash can reverse the dark melanin pigments to light ones by reducing melanocytes that produce the skin pigment.

Do you know what the best part is? This face wash is purely a natural product and does not include any sulfate, silicon, or parabens. Also, it is a unisex product so it’s a win-win for you!

You can order this product from Derma Totale’s official website.

Gromacy’s Sustainable Products  

Gone are the days when people used to forget about the harm their grooming habits may be doing to the environment and the balance in the ecosystem. 

Today, people are not only interested in a specific product but also in its process. If you are one of those environmentally-aware couples, then, you can gift your BAE a gift of a sustainable lifestyle. 

You can get products like Phoenix - bamboo toothbrushes, Neem wood combs, and many more sustainable products at gromacy.com. What are you waiting for? Spread the “love for the environment” on this V-Day.

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Gem Selections’ Valentine’s Day Love Pendant

love pendant

Note: This image is used for reference purposes.

On the day of love, you can gift your partner something that will melt her heart! And a Rose Quartz ‘Love Pendant’ will certainly do the trick!

Known as the crystal of Venus, Rose Quartz is an unconditional love stone and is believed to emit a powerful vibration of love. Surprising, isn’t it? Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or have just started to connect, Rose Quartz will certainly strengthen your bond.

Apart from Rose Quartz, you can opt for precious stones like Garnet with American Diamonds or Mozambique Rubies with Diamonds. They will also look great! 

You can check out the pendant designs on the Gem Selections’ official website.

Which of these unique gifts are you surprising your partner with? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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