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Shawls As A Status Symbol In The Indian Society

Shawls have been a status symbol in the society for a while. Here's how to pick one for yourself!
Published -06 Oct 2021, 11:30 ISTUpdated -06 Oct 2021, 11:46 IST
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As a status symbol, people have incorporated a lot of items, clothing articles into their looks. Showing off had become a trend in pre-modern times while everybody was slipping on gloves, smoking tobacco pipes and wearing fancy hats. 

Fancy items are always in trends, while the shelflife of viral trends (5 Weird Trends That Are Going Viral) are competitively less. Shawls is one such clothing item which can be found in every woman’s closet all over India. 

types of shawl

Shawls are more of a statement piece than an item used to cover in the cold. Shawls are generally used in snow covered areas such as Jammu, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh to provide warmth during the season. As we go towards the plains, the shawls are an additional accessory to the closet. 


Shawls have originated from Kashmir (Learn How To Make Kahwah) which were introduced by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani in the 14th century after travelling from Ladakh. He noticed that Ladakhi Kashmiri goats produced soft wool and used it to make a pair of socks. The pair of socks were then gifted to the king of Kashmir, Sultan Qutabdin. Being impressed with the warmth the sock pair provided, he requested for a shawl. That’s how the weaving industry was set up. 

Types Of Shawls 

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Majority of the shawls are Pashmina weave. The weave is made of a species of the wild Asian mountain goat. That’s how the name came to be known as Pashmina. 

It is hard to find a true pashmina shawl. Majority shawls are semi-pashmina or none. Most vendors lie about the quality of the weave as it’s unlikely people know how to differentiate between fabrics without years of experience. 

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Stoles are usually an expensive shawl type tied around the neck for ball gowns and party affairs as a symbol. It’s mostly made of fur, mostly fox or brocade. These are cropped in shape and size as they are designed only for the shoulder and the neck area. 

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These shawls are triangular in shape and worn from the neck down. Each shawl consists of triangular side panels, of what is commonly named as a poncho for the local name. It has a shoulder shaping and is free flowing with no definite shoulder handles. 


Namda and Gabba

The generally used material for this type of shawls is milled blanket dyed in plain colours. The embroidery is super bold and vivid. The thread colours used are vibrant. They have a flavour of folk and traditional aesthetic. The pricing is super cheap as compared to others and are used as a covering for deewans. 

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Shawls being a status symbol have become very popular and are appreciated a lot. Shawls have become an asset to today’s world.

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