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Famous Indian Embroideries To Get An Extra Fashion Edge

Embroidery has been an evergreen piece of art and here’s the one you should pick!
Published -04 Oct 2021, 17:31 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 17:48 IST
em main

Embroidery is an art that has derived from the boundaries of China and Near East. The art is all about decoration, a piece of fabric with threads of different colours. The colours out of the fabric are usually vibrant and the fabric taken is dull. 


There are three major ways of embroideries; hand, machine and computer. You can do multiple types of embroideries in these 3 different ways. There is a difference of outcome and pricing for the three works. The hand work is the most expensive of all as it takes longer than usual for the actual produce. 

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Techniques Of Embroideries

These embroidery ways can be done on all fabrics and ways, but the results are visibly different. So is the pricing. 


The sequence work is a typical embroidery work done with pieces of sequence. The embroidery is entirely drawn and carved with sequence and is done in a fast motion usually. 

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This type of embroidery is done using a cord, while the other thread crosses the main thread cutting in the shape of a cross all over the embroidery. 

aari em


Aari Embroidery means chain stitch. It is made with raw silk (times Deepika Padukhone killed it with silk sarees) thread. It makes the shape of a chain while stitching through an embroidery design. 


Mirror embroidery is the type of embroidery that is used around a piece of mirror to secure it with a significant place on the fabric. 

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Patch is the most popular embroidery work in pop culture today. Patches used in clothing and bags are generally made through this technique. Embroidery patches can then be cut and made a separate piece all together. They can be small or big in size. 

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Having various types of embroideries gives us many varieties to choose from. Seeing people wear colours, types and shades, we are fascinated to have some more clothes that are pretty and have pretty work on them. These were the typical embroidery patterns. What’s your favourite? 

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