In India, brides are always seen wearing rich silk sarees with heavy embellishments and embroidery or that traditional lehenga set in the shade red. These attires have been in trend for decades, and Because, people don't really have other options according to their perspective. It would be alien to think of anything else as a wedding attire except for Indian traditional wear. But it must be noted that these are times of advancements, growth, and development and all good changes come after that path-breaking thought process. Wedding trends in India need to be redefined and the initialization has been done by Sanjana Rishi, an Indian American who wore a pantsuit to her wedding. Believe it or not, the bride looked absolutely breathtaking and special, and here is everything you need to know about her unique choice.

Who Is Sanjana Rishi?


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Well, Sanjana Rishi isn’t any star or star connection from Bollywood, rest assured. Sanjana is an Indian-American entrepreneur, who has also worked as a lawyer. She is 29 years old and has recently been wedded to Dhruv Mahajan. They had been living together in the US and to cope up with the external pressure of their families in India and friends, the couple finally decided to get married in a ceremony both in the US(where most of their friends live) as well as in India. 

The couple got married on the 20th September 2020 in Delhi but also mentioned that their actual plans for the wedding “got completely derailed” due to the pandemic.

How She Decided To Go For A Pantsuit

Sanjana revealed that the moment she decided to get married, she knew exactly what she was going to wear. In an interview with the BBC, Sanjana said "I knew I was going to wear a pantsuit, and I knew exactly which one,”. The suit was from a designer collection from Italy and the instant she set her eyes on it, Sanjana knew that she could only justify her love for pantsuits and the beauty of that particular garment by donning it at her auspicious event. Sanjana mentioned that while she worked as a corporate, pantsuits were what she had to wear, and “strong women” that she idolised wore them too, so that’s where her affinity for pantsuits started growing. "I have always thought that there is something very powerful about a woman in a pantsuit. I loved them and I wore them all the time.", said Sanjana.

About Her Pantsuit


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Explaining the reason behind choosing that particular pantsuit Sanjana spiritedly told the BBC, "It was a pre-loved vintage suit, made in the 1990s by Italian designer(designer Manish Malhotra's perfect style guide) Gianfranco Ferré. I was surprised and delighted to know that it was still available when I decided to get married."  Talking more about her wedding look, Sanjana was seen wearing a pastel blue pantsuit accessorised with a mang tika, embellished hoop earrings, and a triple-layered matching neckpiece.  Further, the detailing of her waist was done by cinching it in with a powder blue embellished belt, and finally, to round it all up, Sanajna wore a long net veil/dupatta. Her outfit not only became the starting point for redefining the wedding fashion trends but also inspired women in amazing ways, to be able to opt for what they desire.

When asked about his reaction, Dhruv, her husband said, he had not really thought he would see Sanjana walking down the aisle in a pantsuit, but he somehow knew whatever she would wear, she’d absolutely rock it.

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Sanjana Gained Much Love And Appreciation For Her Look


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Sanjana’s wedding outfit stormed the social media, it had to, it was undeniably path-breaking and magnetic. From famous designers to celebrities of the film industry, a lot of people praised Sanjana on her Instagram posts. Designer Masaba Gupta wrote "OMG, how great do you look!!!” ; whereas Rhea Kapoor(producer, Sonam Kapoor’s sister) thought the look was "awesome".  Anand Bhushan, one of India's best-known contemporary womenswear designers, said "it is a lovely way for a bride to look".And others called Sanjana “the coolest bride ever”. Fashion in the coming times will see a lot of modifications and alterations and it would surely not look how it does today a decade later.

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