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  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial, 22 Apr 2022, 16:44 IST

Tips To Remove Scratches From Wooden Furniture

Scratching is unavoidable when you own wood furniture. Here are a few of the most effective methods for fixing your wooden furniture.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial, 22 Apr 2022, 16:44 IST
tips to fix scratches from wooden furniture

We all know how frequently the dining table is used in the home, from daily family meals to kids doing their homework. It's no surprise that your dining table will begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. These are sometimes inevitable, but here are some simple techniques to keep your hardwood table looking brand new. These guidelines apply to the table as well as any accompanying benches or seats that may be required. Read on to know more.

1. Sandpaper


Rubbing the light surface area with a sanding sponge or sanding block can erase most light or surface scratches. Sand in the direction of the grain at all times. Because sandpaper scratches your table, the lower the grit, the rougher the paper and the deeper the scratches will be. The scratches will blend in with the natural grain of the wood if you go with the grain.

After you've removed the scratch or blemish, make sure the dining table is completely dust-free and oiled.

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar

The usual composition of white vinegar is 5% acetic acid and 95% water. These characteristics not only make it an excellent cleaning agent, but they also aid in the mending of tiny scratches. The acetic acid will assist fill the scratch by working into the current finish around it.

In a bowl or a cup, combine 100ml (one part) white vinegar and 200ml (two parts) olive oil and stir thoroughly. Dip a soft cotton rag into the cup and wring it out to absorb the fluid. Squeeze the rag to remove any excess moisture that may be pouring from it. Apply the moistened rag to the scratched area of your tabletop. Rub the scratched area in a circular motion, then finish by rubbing the cloth with the

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3. Crayon


Make sure your table is clean and clear of dust and dirt, particularly around the area you want to fix. The bonding between the wax and the wood can be harmed if the surface isn't clean. Choose a crayon colour that complements the wood colour of your dining table. We recommend going with a deeper colour rather than a lighter one because it will help the repair blend in better with the rest of the wood. Rub the crayon over the scratched area in both directions until the scratch is completely filled with wax. Scrape any extra wax from the table with a credit card. Check to see if the table top is now level where the scrape was. Then use cotton to clean it. This will help you to maintain your wooden furniture.

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4. Wood filler

Wood filler

Fill in the deep scratch using a specialised wood filler that matches the colour of your table. You can push it into the scratch with your finger, making sure there are no air holes. Smooth the surface with a putty knife or an old credit card, removing any extra wood filler from the table. Wait for the filler to dry — drying times vary, so check the label for the most up-to-date information. On the dried area around the scratch, use fine sandpaper. Always sand in the direction of the grain of the wood. Apply an appropriate oil or wax on it.

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