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Utilise Vinegar Not Just For Kitchen Works But For Beauty Purposes As Well

We all have vinegar at home, be it white or apple cider. But did you know it does way more than just cleaning nooks and corner of your home?
Published -11 Oct 2018, 12:00 ISTUpdated -15 Oct 2018, 15:52 IST
  • Kishori Sud
  • Her Zindagi Editorial
  • Published -11 Oct 2018, 12:00 ISTUpdated -15 Oct 2018, 15:52 IST
purpose of vinegar

Vinegar can not just clean but it is useful in conditioning your hair, livening up the limp vegetables, cleaning up the blinds, and keep your clothes from bleeding as well! We have summed up a small list on the uses of this magical kitchen ingredient you may not have an idea about. 

Condition Your Hair

vinegar for hair

Image courtesy: pixabay.com

Use an apple-cider-vinegar-and-water rinse. It is a surprisingly efficient conditioner. Just mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a cup of water in a clean spray bottle, shake it up and pout it all over your wet hair. Massage it in, let it sit for a minute or two and rinse. Your hair will be smooth and yes do not worry, your hair won't even smell like vinegar.

Refresh Your Workout Clothes

Those moisture-wicking tank tops and sports bras may keep you dry during intense sweat sessions, but somehow they still smell awful after they've been washed. However, if you can't seem to get the stink out, load the clothes back into the washer and add a cup of white vinegar. Run one cycle, then repeat, and then put half-cup of vinegar. Dry as usual.

Revive Limp Greens

vinegar for vegetables

Image courtesy: pixabay.com

White vinegar can bring your wilted lettuce back to life. All you have to do is just soak the leaves in a bowl with cold water and a few drops of white vinegar for 10 minutes. Then rinse the greens. 

Burnish Your Scissors

When your scissor blades get sticky or grimy, do not use water to clean it as it will just add to the rusting process. Instead, wipe down the blades with a cloth dipped in white vinegar, and then dry it off with a rag or dish towel.

Repel Ants

Get rid of the ant craze at home by using white vinegar. All you have do is just spray it directly into cracks, around baseboards, on countertops or anywhere you feel the ants tend to crawl.

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Get the Grime Off Blinds

You can vacuum the dust off metal, plastic or wood blinds. But, when grime comes into play, it is difficult to take it off. Just dip the tip of a cloth in white vinegar and wipe the blinds.

Unclog Drains

Yes, vinegar can be your best friend! Just pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, and then a cup of white vinegar and let the two work their magic for five minutes. After this flush the drain with eight cups of near-boiling water.

Get Rid of Odours

Eliminate fried-fish smell or whatever-you-are-cooking-smells-bad in your kitchen by pouring white vinegar in a small bowl and leave it on the kitchen counter overnight to absorb cooking odours.

Make You Expensive Glasses Shine

vinegar for glass

Image courtesy: pixabay.com

We all know that crystal can collect a thin film of dust. You can make them shine and sparkly by soaking them in a solution which has one part vinegar, three parts warm water with a drop or two of dishwashing liquid. Rinse them with warm water and wipes them dry with a microfiber cloth.

Remove the Bacteria From Your Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

The most effective way to wash fruits and vegetables is by using vinegar. This ingredient even beats antibacterial soap! Fill a spray bottle with three cups of water and a cup of white vinegar, and spritz each tomato, apple or any other smooth-skinned fruit or vegetable about six times. Rinse well before eating.

Keep Bright Clothes from Bleeding

Sometimes, even if you separate the lights and darks, a new piece of clothing can bleed onto a slightly faded pair of jeans, and leave colour stains. Prevent this from happening by first soaking the unwashed garment in a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar for 20 minutes. Then, wash the item with other coloured clothes. The vinegar will help the new clothes resist fading over time, too—though it only works on 100 per cent cotton clothing.

Renew Your Rugs

With the winter season approaching,  we all will soon be taking out our rugs. If you feel they have lost their charm but you still love them, bring them back to life by brushing them with a clean push broom dipped in a solution of 1 cup white vinegar in 3.7 litres water. Your faded threads will perk up, and you don’t even need to rinse off the solution. 

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