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    5 Reasons To Reject A Prospective Groom

    If you notice any of the signs in your prospective groom, then reject him ASAP and run! Read on to know the signs.
    Published -16 Oct 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -17 Oct 2021, 11:22 IST
    reasons to reject a groom

    When it comes to finding a groom, girls are constantly faced with questions like, "What is the problem if the guy earns well and comes from a good family?" This, however, is not enough for a safe, secure, and happy future. There are numerous considerations to be made. You must ensure that the person does not possess any red flags. And if you do notice any, you must reject that guy right away and flee!!

    Continue reading to know the red sign.

    1. If He Asks You To Adjust According To Him

    You cannot allow the guy to make decisions for you and make you adjust according to him. You have to have a say in any decision involving you. Becoming a stay at home wife is perfectly fine and choosing to take care of parents and kids is also good unless it involves your decision. Don't let anyone manipulate you into believing what's right for you and what's not. Be smart enough to think that for yourself and be smarter by running away from situations like that after rejecting such guys.

    2. If He Ask You To Change Your Appearance

    body shame

    One of the most cliche red signs is when they ask you to change your appearance. It is not necessary for all toxic guys to come and give you orders to change, but many will come very sweetly and tell you to change in numerous manipulative ways. You must understand that you are not obligated to change anything about yourself unless you yourself want to. Marry a guy who will marry you for who you are and you change your appearance only when you want to.

    Some examples of manipulative toxic guys are,

    "Can you lose some weight for me?"

    "There are so many acne on your face, you should apply makeup more often"

    "grow your hair longer"

    "this hair colour doesn't suit you, you should change it", etc. 

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    3. If He Shows Sign That He Will Always Side With His Parents

    If something indicates or he expressly states on the face that he will always side with his parents over you, regardless of whether they are correct or incorrect, this is not something you should sign for, especially if you are leaving your home and planning to live with them. The guy should be able to tell right from wrong and should be willing to stand up for you when necessary. If he cannot do this, he should not be qualified to be your groom.

    4. If He Questions About Your Past Relationships

    If the guy questions you about your past relationships and sex life, then it's a major Red Sign!!

    If you're both old enough to get married, it's perfectly acceptable for people your age to date and have relationships.  You don't have to lie about your past, because it's your past! Good or bad, nobody can change it but have to accept it. If a guy can't accept you for who you are and tries to make you feel guilty about it, then sissy, he's toxic! Reject him and get away from him as quickly as possible.

    5. If He Asks For Dowry


    It's exhausting to realize that it's 2021 and people are still asking dowry!

    The fact that women are still being killed in dowry deaths and harassed in their homes for dowry speaks volumes about how problematic a marriage can be if a guy and his family ask for dowry.

    No matter if your family can afford the dowry or not, ideally you should look for guys who are against any type of dowry.

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    These are few of the many red flags to look for in a prospective groom. And if you spot any, reject him immediately. Be careful, evaluate and choose the right guy for your own safety, identity and a happy future.




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