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    6 Signs To Know That You Have Met The One

    Look for these signs in your relationship and know if they're the 'Special One'.
    Published -09 Nov 2021, 11:35 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 10:39 IST
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    Does your relationship with your partner make you feel happy and comfortable? Have you started feeling fresh because of it? While these are all amazing for you and you deserve all the happiness, these are not the only signs that proves they're 'The Ones'. Take a glance at these early signs to see if you've found your special 'One'.

    1. No. 1 Cheerleader

    no  cheerleader

    Is your partner constantly inspiring and motivating you to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself? If you answered yes, this could be one of the early signs. Relationships should make you feel good and help you grow as a person. It should make you feel like you can be your true, raw self and yet be amazing! A good relationship helps you to be the best and cheers for your every success, no matter how minor.

    2. You Can Be Your Most Vulnerable Self

    free conversations

    In a healthy relationship, you can be your most vulnerable version of yourself without the fear of judgement or being afraid to ask for what you want. This relationship should make you comfortable and allow you to be who you truly are. Make sure you can talk about your insecurities and fears with them. Being vulnerable isn't always easy. But if your partner is making you feel free and safe enough to express yourself and be yourself, that could be an early sign that they’re “The One.”

    3. Aligned Values And Goals

    Check if your goals and values are aligned with your partner. If not, this could bring problems in your relationship making it not an ideal relationship. You need to check this for a smooth relationship.

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    4. Conflicts Involves Compromise

    Every relationship goes through conflicts, but if ego does not get involved in between and you both understand that sometimes compromising a bit for a relationship is okay, then this may be a good relationship. You both should understand that love takes work and conflicts are pretty normal here. But remember that healthy relationships involve certain compromises. Remember this in a relationship, it's not "You vs. Them", but instead "You both vs. The world".

    5. The Person Feels Like Home

    feels like home

    With the right person, happiness takes on a new meaning. The feeling is comfortable and you feel like home with them. You both have an unbreakable connection which makes you feel special every time. I hope you all meet someone who feels like home to you.

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    6. The Gut Feeling

    Besides all these points, gut feelings also play a huge role. Around the right person, you get an amazing feeling and right vibrations when with the right person. But if your gut feelings do not make you feel this, and rather give you negative feelings then they might not be the one.

    Being in a relationship with the right person feels different than ever. The feeling you get if not magical, is 100% comfortable. Look for these signs and see if you have found "The One". 

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