The world is full of crazy and peculiar notions, more so in India because our country is the land of diverse cultures and sub-cultures many of which have been originated right here. India has a very deep history buried in the roots. And there are some strange mysterious things that happen in our country and people believe them to be a supernatural power. We do not know whether anything is actually supernatural or not, but it is always very interesting to know about the stories behind those supernatural beliefs.

This is why we are here with some really intriguing legends and stories from Indian folklore and ancient civilisations that will captivate you and leave you spellbound. So, take a look.

The Ancient Legend Of Vish Kanyas


Vish Kanyas were venomous women who would assist in the execution of people. In ancient times the kings used to train some girls and fed them small quantities of poisons of different kinds right from a very young age. By the time the girls attained puberty they would become lethal and extremely dangerous.

Feeding the poison from a very young age caused the immune system of these girls to adopt the entry of venom in the body and that is how they became the Vish Kanyas. These Vish Kanyas have also been mentioned in Chanakya’s Arthashatra during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya.

The Existence Of Amrit


Many people still believe that there exists a drink of immortality that can help them defeat death forever. The story is taken from the Bhagavata Puranas.  It was the battle between the Devas and the demons or the rakshasas. The ocean was to be churned in order to get Amrit or the drink of immortality. And unfortunately, the Devas had been cursed by Durvasa Rishi to be weak against the demons.

So, Mount Mandara served as the churning rod, and the king of serpents, Vasuki, served as the churning ropes, it was an elaborate battle and process. Eventually, after many valuable items and possessions, Amrit was produced but with it was a venom that had the potential to destroy the universe. So, Lord Shiva drank the venom but did not gulp it down, this is how the devas gained possession of the Amrita and Shiva protected the universe.

The Ram Setu Bridge, Sri Lanka

legends ram setu

The bridge certainly has an iconic story behind it. When Lord Rama was going to get Sita, his kidnapped wife from the clutches of Ravana, there was the entire Indian ocean lying between India and Sri Lanka, Hanuman could fly his way to Lanka but what about others? The entire troops of monkeys that were going with Lord Rama to fight the battle against the treacherous Ravana.

Therefore, Hindus believe that Lord Rama worshipped and meditated on the shore after which he finally was able to build a bridge to Lanka. The bridge was made with rocks with Lord Rama’s name embossed over it and the stones and rocks floated over the ocean.  A rustic bridge underlining the ocean still exists and it is known as the Ram Setu. Do you think it’s possible for that same bridge to exist? 

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The Eternal Flame At The Jwala Ji Temple


Located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh and it is the oldest temple(facts about Vaishno Devi temple) in India. The temple although has no statues or shrines but has a blue flame emerging from the rocks. The flame is said to be burning since the day people came to know about this temple.  Rain checking the authenticity of this temple, the mentions of this temple are also in Mahabharat and other scriptures.

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