We all have a couple of bottoms lying lifelessly in our storerooms or backyards. You can’t throw them or give them away simply because your sentiments are attached to that particular piece of clothing and we completely understand that. Therefore, to give you a perfect solution to your problems we are here with some cool and sassy ways that you can use to revive and restyle your old jeans. So, take a look.

Paint A Beautiful Pattern On Your Jeans


Starting with one of the easiest options, painting your jeans can instantly add life to it and make it look super amazing. All you need is a couple of brushes, fabric(here's how to make DIY fabric jewellery) paints (that don't go off of fabrics) and a stencil if you are not so great at painting. Go for a slightly diagonal stencil, this will not only keep the design perfect but will also make it look better on the jeans.

Take your jeans and place a newspaper in between its layers to prevent the colours from seeping in and spoiling the other side.  Now take your stencil and start tracing the design on the jeans using a light pencil and then fill in the colours. If you're great at painting, you might not require the stencil and you can go ahead and paint freehand.

Bleach Your Old Jeans


Another easy trick to revamp your old jeans is to bleach them. Bleaching(tips to whiten your shirts) can be done in a lot of ways but in this article, we will talk about the easiest of those ways that you can use to restyle your jeans. So, mix a strong fabric bleaching agent in half a bucket of water. Then take your old jeans and tie an elastic band on the knee area of the jeans.

Remember the bleach fades the colours of your jeans and thus, you must pick a dark coloured jeans for this process. After tying the band dip the jeans till the elastic band mark and let it soak in the bucket for 15-20 minutes. After that, just sundry the jeans and it will be all new and classy.

Dye Your Old Jeans


Another cool trick to revive your old jeans is to dye them. Again, there are several ways to dye your jeans and here is one for your light coloured jeans. Mark three equal divisions on your jeans and tie a rubber band on them. Next prepare a deep pan with your favourite dye colour and water and heat it till it reaches a boil.  Now colour the topmost division of the jeans by dipping them in water.

Then add more colour and mix the fold the jeans into half and dye the middle portion of the jeans, don't go beyond the marking.  Lastly, add more colour to the pan and mix and then dip the leftover area of the jeans. Dry your jeans like you usually do and a beautiful gradient pattern would embrace your jeans. Now flaunt your artistic attire wherever you go.

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Restyle It With Fabric Stickers


Last but not least is this super easy method of sticking on fabric stickers to your jeans. These will add more colour to your favourite bottoms and will also make them even more attractive.

Just start by placing different stickers on different places on the jeans and once you're satisfied with how they look, take a cotton fabric and lay it over the jeans. Heat the iron and drag it slowly over the entire jeans from over the cotton layer and your stickers will hold the denim and would make it super awesome.

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So, go and start restyling your jeans in all the cool ways listed above and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.