Having a small bathroom looks rather sad in the beginning as you see so many big ones in magazines, online, at a friend's place. But worry not as we can make that really small bathroom look cosy as well. There are many hacks to add storage to the smallest of spaces. So scroll down and get ready for interesting ways that will spruce up that tiny space. 

Shelves With A Draw Above 

sb one

Why waste the space above your pot when you have ample wall for a line of shelves. You can get a drawer made as well to hold the small things you may want to store. Put in your towels and stack your room fresheners etc here. 

Mirror Cabinet

sb two

Mirror cabinets are the schiz these days but many still do not try them out fearing the local plastic ones will ruin the look. You can always get the wooden ones made with an edge to edge mirror. Get some shelves made inside witch a thickness of atleast a body wash bottle and if you can fit a hairdryer, then it would be the best. 

Basketting It

sb three

I f you do not want conventional shelves then get such baskets which have a straight base. Turn them into shelves and place your planters, ubtan boxes, towels or whatever you like. 

Cabinet Below Sink

sb four

A cabinet like this would be the best for a small bathroom, You can add a rack on the right or left side, whichever side has space, make a drawer, store in the towelettes, detergent or what you generally put. I put the toilet cleaner, mirror cleaner and room fresheners in this cabinet. 

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sb five

A caddy like this works best if you have very small wall corners. Hang them on the showerhead and place your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap. Hang your scrub and foot cleaners on the hooks and you are sorted. 

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Corner Shelves

sb six

This one is a basic but it is important to mention. Not always can we place shelves on the walls especially when you already have a rack for towels. So fit in a corner if you have and place all you want. You can opt for a single shelf, a double one or even a triple one as per requirement. 

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