It is commonly thought that a baby is full only when the bottle finishes. However, it is not true. Finishing up the bottle of milk is not at all related to your baby being full. The baby might be full when milk is still left in the bottle. By encouraging your younger ones to eat more, we are teaching the baby to ignore their body’s hunger signs.

Therefore, it is necessary to know when your baby is full and stop feeding the baby. If you are not sure when your baby isn’t hungry anymore, it is best advisable to look for these signs that will help you understand your little one's requirements.

Closing Their Mouth

If your baby closes the mouth while being fed and refuses to open it, that means the baby is full and doesn’t want to be fed anymore. Whether it is liquid or solid, if the baby is closing its mouth even if you are forcefully trying to open it, then the baby isn’t interested in eating food.

Turning Their Head Away

baby full turning

A baby will turn its head away from the bottle if he or she is full. This is one of the easiest signs to know whether the baby is hungry or not. No matter if the baby is being fed by a spoon or a bottle, you should not feed it anymore if he or she is turning their head away again and again.

Slowing The Pace

At the start, the baby is extremely hungry, therefore will drink up the milk or meal immediately. However, towards the end when the baby is full, he or she will slow their pace and play with the food or bottle or cutlery. This will result in food being wasted instead of going into their mouth.

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Baby Falling Asleep

baby full sleep

Babies tend to fall asleep when their tummy is full. If the baby is falling asleep while being fed that means he or she is not hungry anymore. You don’t need to disturb the baby’s sleep by waking it up to fill his or her tummy as it seems to be full already. As the baby's stomach is small, they can achieve fulfilment within a little time and start to appear drowsy.

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Baby’s Body Relaxes

baby full distract

If you are sensing that the baby’s posture is beginning to relax and the baby is stretching the fingers, then he or she is going to be full soon. When the baby’s body loosens up with the hands being open (baby's body language) that means the baby is not hungry anymore and is content after being fed.

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Baby Begins To Cry

As babies cannot speak, the only option they are left with is crying in order to convey their feelings. Therefore, when a baby is full, then he or she will cry to let you know that it doesn’t want to be fed any more food. Babies cry for a lot of reasons, therefore, you might ignore this as a sign of a full tummy, however, you should always pay attention when the baby cries while being fed (right brestfeeding positions).

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