Does your baby keep pulling his ears or keep hitting his head? You might not always be able to understand what he wants to convey just by his actions. Crying is the first form of communication through which a baby tells his parents that something is wrong. As the baby gets older, he starts communicating through his actions. In order to decode what your baby is trying to say, read on to know what his actions really mean.  

Kicking In The Air 

kicking air

Usually babies do air kicks when they are happy. If you find your baby kicking his legs in the air, know that he is in a happy mood. When they are happy, you might find them playing with their favourite toy or just enjoying the moment. They might do this action while bathing or while you sing them a song. Kicking is the easiest sign to decode, as it means only one thing: jolly mood.

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Arching Their Back 

Does your baby arch his back suddenly while lying down on the bed? This reaction usually comes when the baby is in some sort of discomfort or pain. He might also arch his back while being fed, which could mean that he is full and might be having acid reflux in the stomach. The first thing to do in such a situation is to comfort them. Pat their back slowly and show him things that could distract him.  

Making A Fist 

fist baby

You might have seen your baby clenching his fist randomly while playing or while lying down. This simply means that your baby is hungry and wants food. The only thing you need to do in such a scenario is to feed him. Usually, hunger can make a baby cranky and make him communicate through body actions.  

Grabbing And Pulling Ears 

Usually, babies grab or pull their ear while they are teething. This process makes their teeth hurt and the pain travels all the way to their ear. In such a situation, you can either opt for ear drops or give your baby chewy toys to relieve his teething pain. If the pain persists, you might consult a doctor as well.  

Rubbing Their Eyes 

rub eyes baby

This sign is very similar to what adults do when they are sleepy. Babies too start rubbing their eyes when their sleeping time is approaching. They might tug at you to make them sleep or yawn more. Tiredness can also make them cranky, which can lead them to cry. Thus, ensure that you have a set pattern of making your baby sleep and stick to a particular time. 

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Folding Knees While Laying Down 

If while lying on the bed, your baby folds his knees and brings his legs closer to the stomach, he might be having stomach issues. It could be any kind of digestive problem, like indigestion, acidity and stomach ache. His facial expressions might change as well, which is a sure shot sign that he is dealing with some kind of stomach problems.  

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Sucking Fingers  

Sucking is a common habit most babies have. It could mean that either they are hungry or sleepy. It is a mechanism adopted by babies to calm themselves. Many babies sleep with two fingers in their mouth, as they find this comforting  This habit is fine for toddlers but make sure this doesn’t continue beyond 10 months for it can turn into a bad habit and could be very difficult to make them get rid of it.  

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