Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema. The man needs no introduction! On his 55th birthday today, we thought of treating you all with something special. It is Shah Rukh Khan's birthday and we thought of taking you through his beautiful home, Mannat in Mumbai. Mannat is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city but ever wondered how does it look from the inside? 

Shahrukh's net worth is estimated to be in millions, he is one of the richest actors in the world. Shahrukh purchased this house in Bandra for around 13 crores in the year 2001. After buying this house, all his wishes came true and he named the house 'Mannat'. 

mannat outside

Gauri Khan who is an interior designer herself worked closely with a furniture designer Tom Dixon to turn the bungalow into a masterpiece. 


The house has a neoclassical theme. The bungalow is so big that more than 200 people can live in it.

mannat inside

The bungalow has stylish interiors. You will get to see art in every corner of the house. Mannat has 6 floors. The house has a swimming pool, library, gym, huge drawing room, guest rooms, entertainment room, boxing ring, table tennis table, lawns and a basement car parking. 

main entrance

The main entrance of the house has large pillars which give the house look of a royal palace.

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drwaing room

The drawing room takes inspiration from French art, it has French windows and looks ethereal.

living room

The living room has unfinished walls to give a rustic look to the room.


The interiors are done by Gauri Khan and we love it all.

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Sharukh Khan loves reading and has a huge library in the house. The library room also has a section where all his trophies are placed. 


The house also has a gym where Shahrukh works out.


SRK has a home office too.

How beautiful and luxurious is Shah Rukh Khan's house, no? What did you like the best about his abode Mannat? Share your thoughts with us. For more such stories, stay tuned!