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    Fought With Your Partner? Here Are Some Romantic Bollywood Movies That Will Make You Reconcile Immediately!

    Watch these romantic Bollywood movies and we assure you that you will soon go running back to hug him!
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    Published -30 Jul 2021, 10:15 ISTUpdated -30 Jul 2021, 10:41 IST
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    We understand that love is cute, love is adorable but love also makes us fight sometimes. Several theories say that we fight with those who we immensely love. Well, we are no love experts, but what we do know is that when one fights with their partner, there is nothing louder than the silence that follows. 

    Two people living in the same house, not talking to each other when all you want to do is hug the other person tightly! If that is the case with you, we are here to help you out! We offer to you a list of five movies that will make you fight for your love, not fight your love!

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

    yeh jawaani hai deewani romantic bollywood movie

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    This is one such movie, that will make you hopeful no matter how upset you are. Hopeful that one day, sooner or later love is going to find its way back to you. This is going to make you realise how while Naina waited and waited for Bunny, your bunny is right there in the next room. A little angry, maybe. Full of love, definitely! Go hug him, tell him how much you love him because you are lucky things worked for you!

    Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge 

    So much tragedy, so much blood, tears and sweat, but Raj and Simran still got together(read more about the movie). You can’t go to the other room to reconcile when Simran ran in the entire railway station in her wedding dress just to get in that train with Raj? We know your Raj did not have to fight twenty people, crash your wedding, pretend to be someone else only to get married to you, but we are sure he makes coffee for you when you are upset. Come on girls, dramatically run to your room and reconcile before you have to have another cup of bad coffee!

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    Jab We Met 

    jab we met romantic bollywood movie

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    Something about 'Jab We Met' makes us believe in love! Whether it is their natures that are poles apart or how they stick to each other even when they don’t know each other that well. This movie makes us believe in the concept of soulmates, in the concept of love, in the concept that no matter who you are with, your destiny makes you find your way to who you are meant to be with! The man you are meant to be with is waiting for your call, patiently. Do the honours.

    Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

    jaane tu ya jaane naa romantic bollywood movie

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    Watching this particular movie will certainly raise your expectations from your partner, considering Jai who went extra miles, horse rid to an airport, sang in front of the entire college to make Aditi smile, fought her toxic fiance and did whatnot. Now we know girls, your partner is no Jai, he probably feels shy to even post a picture of you two on social media let alone horseriding to the airport. However, he is the man you fell in love with, maybe his gestures are not elaborate but he does bring a smile to your face. Come on girl, wipe your tears and go to him!

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    barfi romantic bollywood movie

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    Love knows no language, love sees no boundaries. If someone with autism and someone who is deaf and mute can work it out, then what is your excuse? This movie makes you love like a child, makes you giggle and cry and is certainly too much to take if you are watching alone. So, we assure you, soon after you start watching this movie, you will need your partner next to you so you two can pass each other the tissues! You will already be so overwhelmed by the emotions of the movie that you will forget about your fight! 

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