Home renovation and decoration are some of the very trendy things to do these days. Having a beautiful and appealing home is something everyone wants to have but it is not everyone’s pocket allows it. Home renovation and decorative stuff are very expensive these days but who said you can’t get a beautiful home on a small budget. Well, we are here for your rescue. We will tell you some really easy and budget friendly ways that will help you turn your house around. Since the balcony is one place that is both small and outside your home. You can start your home makeover with this place. 

Here we will tell you how you can go ahead and make a perfect seating area in the balcony.

Clear The Area


The first and foremost step towards making a balcony seating area is to start clearing all the stuff that is present on the balcony.  From flower pots to cloth lines and everything else that is occupying the space in your balcony is to be removed from the space. 

Once your balcony is void of stuff, start cleaning it with a broom thoroughly in order to get rid of all the dirt collected over time. Now that your balcony is clean you can finally begin with the proper renovation.

Paint The Balcony


After cleaning the balcony you have to paint it in a neutral colour like a white or start with coating the wall around the balcony with the shade of your choice. And once that dries off coat another layer of paint over the dried walls. This will instantly establish a feeling of newness in the place and will make it look super attractive and relaxing.

The Lights

Next step is to fix the lighting of the balcony area which is generally very gloomy and dissatisfactory.  Replace the lights with a set of yellow hanging lights and decorate around the place using a couple of fairy lights. For special evenings you can also light up numerous candles(How to DIY Candles at home) around your balcony and this will make the whole place look super calming and relaxing.

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Add More Plants


Adding plants to a place has the power to uplift the mood of the entire space instantly.   The best way to make it look catchy is to add both small saplings and big outdoor plants. Make sure not to add too many big plants as that will make the whole setup look cluttered.  Just line your space with a series of saplings and keep one or two big plants around it.

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The Final Assembly

After decorating the whole space nicely, you need to lay the mattresses(benefits of orthopedic mattresses) in the space. Lay the mattresses and then cover them with a beautiful bedsheet. Then add some colourful pillows and cushions for adding a pop of colour to your setup.  Lastly, bind it all together with a neutral coloured rug a few lanterns and some decorative pieces to add to the glam of the space. And your balcony is done!

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