With the festive season approaching, we all want some candles at home. If not for that, destressing with soothing fragrant candles is another option. Usually, you get them easily online, but they come at a price which we think thrice about. So instead of wasting so much money why not make it yourself and customise the fragrance according to your liking? Scroll down to know how you can prepare it at home.   

Make your own candle using these steps and share a picture of what you created with us!

You Will Need

  • Wax (this could be soy or paraffin)
  • Wicks
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Double Boiler
  • Container 
  • Thermometer
  • Spatula
  • Old pens

How To Make It

Prepare The Work Area

This is a messy affair. Therefore you need to set up a newspaper or paper towels. Also, keep your jars wicks ready.

Melt The Wax

beeswax make own candle

Melt the wax in a double boiler. Put a good amount of water in the bottom pan, put about half the wax in it and watch it melt. Stir it and break up big chunks using the spatula which will just take 10-15 minutes for the wax to melt. Be sure to keep an eye on the temperature; you want it to generally be around between 160 and 170 degrees. If it gets higher than that, take it off the heat.

Stick Wick To Container

wick to container

While the wax is melting, stick the wick to the container. You can opt for super glue or as the wax starts melting, it’ll form a pool of liquid. Dip the metal tab of the wick into that melted wax, then quickly stick it to the bottom of the container.

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Add Fragrance Oils 

candle fragrance oils

After all the wax is completely melted, add your desired fragrance oils. Each wax is different and requires different amounts per pound of wax, so follow the instructions that come with it if you’ve purchased candle wax specifically. If you bought a block of wax which isn’t necessarily just for candles, a safe bet would be 1 oz per pound of wax. Pour the fragrance into your double boiler, and stir for 30 seconds or so to ensure it’s evenly distributed.

Cool & Pour Into Container

After adding the fragrance oil, let it cool for some time. Once it cools down, pour it into the container. Keep holding on to the wick so that it stays in the center. Do not pour all the wax just yet. Save some in your boiler for after the initial pour sets. Why? Because soon you will notice a nice sinkhole in the center. 

Secure Wick

Make sure the wick is secure. Having an off-center wick means it won’t burn properly. Just place a utensil or two on top of the container with the wick in between. The wick needs to stay in place for a few hours.

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Let Cool 

The sinkhole you saw? Fill that in and let it cool. Re-heat the wax in the boiler and top off the candle. Just fill in the depression.

Trim Wick

Trim the wick sticking out on your candle to just about 1/4 inches. A wick that’s too long will burn too big and hot. The way to know is by looking at the flame once it’s lit: if the flame is more than that you need to trim it and light it again. 

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