Though in current times the age-old concept of gender roles has lost much of its validity. Jeevika Sharma, Guidance Counsellor and Tarot Card Reader says, "Both the spouses have distributed their responsibilities equally. But, when you get married it would be foolish to expect that you know the responsibilities from the beginning. So, to help you gauge the responsibilities you must take after marriage," points mentioned below will help.


You need to have a practical sense of vision when you are dealing with all the things surrounding you after the marriage. Don’t panic. Everything doesn’t need to match the idealistic standards which people might tell you. 

After marriage your life changes completely. You can no longer be the sole decision maker in your life. You need to include your partner in all the decision making because it will affect you both.

Respect In-Laws

in laws relationship responsibilities

You need to be respectful of your in-laws if you wish the same from your partner. 


Marriage brings changes to your life but, you need be patient and wait for the things to settle down and normalize. After marriage you will take some time to adjust to the changes. Don’t rush either yourself or your partner to adjust to the changes. Take as much time you need and build a strong relationship.

graphic relationship responsibilities


Make the first move. If you are troubled by any situation, it is suggested that you be less passive and take a more active and assertive stance. Take charge to steer events in the direction you want them to take. If you are serious about sorting things out then be bold and take the lead in any possible way. Try to lessen your partners burden.

The following list will give you an idea of the areas which you could handle and work for the better:


If you have even a decent amount of financial literacy and know how to manage your money well then you should play the part. Whatever money you make plan you budget accordingly and use the savings for investment.

Your investments need not be anything technical like stocks, etc. They can be as simple as mutual funds. Or, you could also hire a financial consultant to help you plan your investments for better finances in the future.

Household chores

cook relationship responsibilities

You should divide your household chores equally. Don’t expect your partner to do everything. If you are a guy then expecting your wife to do all the chores will invite future arguments. Help your partner out.

Support your partner

This goes for both the spouses. If ever you feel that your partner is need of support, be it financial or emotional, do not ignore them. Talk to them about whatever that’s causing problems and, if they want then allow them some time.

Don’t expect your partner to deal with everything by themselves. Be their pillar of strength.


Communication is the key to a stronger relationship. Only if you communicate your thoughts and what you want with your partner the trust will grow. Don’t hide anything which could affect you both in any way. Communication is important not only with your partner but also with your family.

Future planning

finance relationship responsibilities 

Talk to your partner about where you both want to be in future. Leave this ‘we’ll see’ attitude. It would only invite more problems. When you have discussed the desired future with your partner then both of you will have a clear vision of what exactly to do and how to do it.

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Caring: Take Care Of All The Family Members

Taking care of your partner is not the only thing that should matter. Both the spouses need to care for your own and your spouses’ family as well.

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A relationship can only last as long as there is respect. Be respectful of your partner's wishes and decisions. Don’t humiliate them in front of anyone or even in private.

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