Unfortunate as it is that people are still judged superficially in this world, their inner beauty is still meaningless until they are beautiful as per the fake standards of the society and their mental health still suffers largely being affected by the reactions and validation provided by others. We need to accept the truth and understand that even though we are all trying to accept ourselves and be positive about our bodies, most people are still ending up with depression, anxiety, and other serious psychological issues because of different reasons and that is what we as a society need to eliminate.

All this could simply be because we are not 'really' positive about our bodies at all, we still measure our beauty on the scales of the world, we are not self-accepting and are embarrassed about ourselves and thus, we do have a negative body image that can only be avoided when we recognise it as a real issue.  So, if you want to find out whether you are truly body positive or not then read this article.

You Are Self-Critical

signs that you are not body positive

If you have self critical thoughts more than you are accepting your flaws, then that is perhaps where you should question yourself and analyse if you’re going too far off the negative side. 

Self-criticism makes you underconfident and mentally vulnerable it interrupts your ability to feel happy about yourself. This eventually makes you negative about your body, you start saying negative things to yourself and frown while looking in the mirror, all this leading to a negative self image, in turn.

You Compare Yourself With Others

signs that you are not body positive

When you are not body positive you also tend to look at others and compare yourselves in terms of weight, the shape of your body, your looks, etc with them.  You feel that others are somehow superior and you are inferior and this further takes a major toll on your self-esteem. You become very conscious and start doubting yourself all the more with time, and that is exactly what having a negative self-image means.

You Feel Jealous Of Others

Jealousy is a negative feeling because it fills your heart with negative emotions and you start disliking the person you’re jealous of.  It is similar to comparison but in this case, you don’t even consider yourself even worthy enough to compare yourself with the other person. You devalue yourself and want to be like the person you are jealous of, these are all signs of negative self image.

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You Are Anti-Social

signs that you are not body positive

Being an introvert is totally different from being anti-social. While being an introvert you might not want to socialise with others but you won’t have insecurities and anxieties bothering you all the time. 

When you try to intentionally avoid social gatherings just because you are worried if you would look good or not, then you must not consider it as a very positive factor for your body image.

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Taking part In Body Negative Conversations

signs that you are not body positive

We have so many people who shame others for their bodies, choices, etc and if you harmonise with people like that, you just end up building walls around yourself that suffocate you and weaken you as a person.  Similarly, if you laugh at jokes that shame people for being fat, thin, dark complexioned, tall, short, etc then you are stigmatising these things yourself, and believe it or not, you will feel negative and insecure about your shortcomings too.  So, understand these signs and stop them right away as body positivity is the need of the hour in our society.

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