What Makes Your Zodiac Sign Break Up? Expert Reveals

Here is a low down on why and how each zodiac sign breaks up in relationships.

Kishori Sud
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Breaking up with your partner is heartbreaking for some and freedom for a few. There are several reasons why we may part ways. Do you feel that there are too many breakups in your life's CV? Has a breakup become like a pattern after every 2-3 or even 1 year? Why do they breakup when you give your best? With the help of Tarot Card Reader and Guidance Counsellor Jeevika Sharma, we have listed reasons why every zodiac sign breaks up. Scroll down to know what is your partner's or your's.


For Aries, you love to spend time with your friends and would any day prefer your friends over your partner if you are in a relationship. And, this is the reason why your relationships often fail. Your partner gets irritated by this behaviour of yours and they end up leaving you.


taurus breakup

People born under the zodiac Taurus ends up breaking up only when their partner repeats a pattern that ruins the relationship. It could be unnecessary fighting or any other action which puts them off. Once Taurus gets fed up with their partner's behaviour they leave their partner.


It is hardly ever the case where a Gemini would end up parting ways with their partner. In their life it is usually their partner who leaves them and goes away.


cancer breakup

Cancerian have a tendency of acting like a crybaby in front of their partners all the time. It is this behaviour which their partner may find irritating and would end the relationship because they do not want to baby bit a Cancerian.


Leos are usually the type who, when they get irritated with their partner they leave them without much thought. For Leos, focusing on earning money is more imp than tolerating an irritating partner.

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Whenever a Virgo see that there is no growth that can be made in a relationship they end up moving away from their partner. They stay with a partner to grow in life. And, when there is no scope for growth they become disinterested.


libra breakup

Libra usually ends a relationship when the problem revolves around a monetary matter. And, when they do break up with their partner it is a mutual decision. Both, Libra and their partner go their separate ways because it is the best possible option they find.

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scorpio breakup

Scorpio gets influenced by what others have to say about their partner. When a third person says something about their partner, it could be a complaint or anything, Scorpios prefer to believe the words of a third person. They never trust their partner and part ways thinking they are being cheated on.


sag breakup

Whenever Sagittarius breaks up with their partner it is usually when they feel or gets tied down in their life. Or, when they feel that their partner does not give them enough freedom to live their life.


You often find yourself breaking up with your partner with the sole reason being your respective families. After a certain amount of time, you discover that both you and your partners family are not blending with each other. And, due to this, there is hardly any growth in family relations. Ending the relationship will be a mutual decision between you and your partner.

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You are usually someone who is hardly ever serious about your partner when you are in a relationship. Once you get bored of your partner you deliberately act in such a way that pushes your partner away and they themselves end up finishing the breakup with you.


Whenever a romantic relationship ends in your life, it is often the reason that you see your partner drifting away from you. When your partner starts to move away and stops listening to you then in turn you start to lose interest.

Hang in there and do remember that whatever happens, happens for the best!

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