Lipstick is more than just a part of one's makeup, it can tell a lot about one's personality. According to scientific research, colour shades and human psychology are interlinked. An individual's preference for a specific lipstick shade can unveil how they are on the inside. In this article, you will learn about what different lipstick shades tell about an individual's personality.


lipstick color psychology

According to psychologists, girls who wear red lipsticks are likely to have a personality that lies on the creative side of the spectrum. Such girls are deemed to be more daring, confident and artistic in nature when compared to other coloured lipstick wearers. These girls are also fitness freaks, they like to stay in shape and exercise regularly in order to keep their bodies in a great tone. Red lipstick wears are also extroverts and they can always socialize with people easily because of their charismatic personality and friendly nature, they are the most fun kind of people to get along with. 


Girls who wear pink lipstick more often are born leaders. Pink is the colour that symbolizes power, therefore such girls have great leadership qualities and are the kindest, warm, intelligent and gentle individuals you'll cross paths with. Light pink shade concludes that the person is well disciplined and reserved. This is why we can see more women working in senior positions wearing pink lipstick whereas others have a different colour preference when it comes to lipsticks. These girls are also very versatile when it comes to work and possess many talents. Pink lipstick wearers are also very brave, friendly, independent, bold and adventurous. They are always confident which makes them stand out from the normal audience. 


lipstick color psychology

Various studies conducted across the globe linking psychology with colours state that girls who wear nude or skin coloured lipsticks are very warm and caring personalities on the inside. They make great friends and are generally very sweet which makes them less likely to be clever.

They stay true to themselves and never pretend to be someone that they are not, simple yet elegant. Nude lipstick wearers are also self-sufficient and independent personalities. They are born empaths, they cannot see others around them in pain even if it's someone that they know or don't know, that is why these women tend to contribute more to society with their humanitarian and philanthropic work. 

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Orange can be a very tough choice while picking a lipstick shade, therefore we do not see many girls wearing orange coloured lipstick(how to do dual lip look). But the ones that do, they are the wildest and energetic personalities you'll ever get to know. These individuals are carefree and childish in nature that which makes it very easy to spot them in the crowd.

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Different, Unconventional And Unique Shades

lipstick color psychology

Girls who apply unique colours like wine, grey, black, white etc on their lips(foods for lighter fuller lips), are very sophisticated and artistic ones. They inhibit very creative and unique personalities in them. They seem very mysterious and spiritual at the same time, therefore it's very hard to really know their true personality. 

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