Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant have not officially confirmed their relationship but they are one of the most talked about couples. The two are often spotted together and everytime they step out, they set couple goals.

Radhika Merchant has bonded well with the entire Ambani family in the recent times and we spot them a lot with the Ambanis these days. We get to see glimpses of Radhika and Anant's chemistry in many of the pictures where the two get captured together. 

Radhika usually accompanies the Ambani family on most events and occasions and this gives us more chances to spot Anant and Radhika together. Here are some pictures of Anant and Radhika that confirmed their rumoured relationship. 

anant radhika engagement

This is such an adorable picture of the couple. What is special about this picture is that this one sparked rumours of their engagement. However, the Reliance spokesperson said that Anant is not engaged yet. 

 isha ambani radhika

Radhika Merchant was a part of both Isha Ambani and Akash Ambani's wedding. At Isha Ambani's wedding, Radhika Merchant was seen around Anant all the time. Don't the two look great in those ethnic outfits?

anant radhika

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant were seen outside a temple in Mumbai with other members of the Ambani family. In one of the pictures, the two were snapped holding hands and walking outside. 

anant radhika

From one of the celebrations at the Ambanis, Anant and Radhika can be seen dressed in traditional outfits, posing for the camera. 

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radhika at celebrations

Radhika was a key part of both Isha and Akash' wedding celebrations. She was seen standing next to Anant in all the pictures from the wedding. 

radhika anant

They may not open up about their relationship but adorable pictures like these speak it all! This one is really a beautiful picture of Radhika and Anant. Agree?

anant radhika

Anant and Radhika again snapped, posing with each other. Don't they look like made for each other? 


And this one is the first picture of Anant and Radhika that went viral over the net. Adorable! No?